Lot 106

Amelia Island 2022

917/30 Junior Kart


$108,000 USD | Sold

United States | Amelia Island, Florida




This 917/30 Junior Kart is the result of an 18-month project started by the consignor to build a fun go-kart for his sons to use. It was built at 2/3 scale to ensure an adult could still fit in it and had the right car proportions, wheel and tire availability, and ability to be useful at the racetrack towing tire trolleys or racecars. The CAD-designed full aluminum Tig welded spaceframe chassis has been designed to mimic the full-sized version’s chassis in visible areas. The drivetrain needed to have the right torque requirements to tow a race car with the drivetrain coming from a Kawasaki Mule 610 which was bought as a complete vehicle and the powertrain removed. The body was designed in CAD and the basic plug made in polystyrene by having it CNC machined. A lot of effort was put into molds, jigs and tools to include many details such as the wing mounting, NACA duct covers, mirrors, louvres, door latches, dash and gauges etc. The wheel fans have 40 individually laser-cut, bent, and painted brackets which alone are attached with 160 rivets.

This car features an electric starter, a one-speed transmission with reverse and differential lock, alloy rims with Hoosier ATV tires, dual hydraulic drum brakes with handbrake, front independent double wishbone suspension, and an adjustable sliding seat. The body was painted by Rodney Holland, and Straight Cut Graphix completed the sign writing.