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Amelia Island 2021

1911 Winton Model 17B Five-Passenger Touring


$318,500 USD | Sold

United States | Amelia Island, Florida



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US Title
  • Impressive, powerful Brass touring car
  • Long, documented history; accompanied by copies of original order and purchase documents
  • Superbly conserved and carefully maintained older restoration
  • An excellent companion for show, tour, or fun

Winton’s early years can be summed up in one word: competition. Having demonstrated the reliability of his car with a 47-hour Cleveland-New York dash in 1899, Alexander Winton entered a single-cylinder racer in the 1900 Gordon Bennett Cup race in France. Although sidelined by wheel failure, Winton’s entry was the first American car to compete in a European race. In 1903, Nelson Jackson and Sewall Crocker demonstrated Winton’s long-distance capability, driving from San Francisco to New York in a 20-horsepower model. The first successful transcontinental journey by automobile, it was safely completed after an arduous 63 days on the road.

Winton moved to exclusively six-cylinder cars in 1908. On 9 December 1910, F.L. Garlinghouse of Glenshaw, Pennsylvania ordered this Winton Model 17B with “fore-door [touring] body” from the Pittsburgh dealer. Delivery was promised on or about 1 March 1911 for $3,275. A subsequent order on 31 December added Goodrich tires, shock absorbers, and lighting, for a delivered price of $3,408. Against this, he was allowed $540 for his 1906 Pope Hartford trade-in. A civil engineer with the Pittsburgh and Western Railroad, Mr. Garlinghouse knew well the importance of quality machinery; so proud was he of his choice that he had his initials monogramed on it.

Research by Roger Allison, who bought it in the early 1970s, found that prior owners included collector Harry Resnick, one-time AACA president George Hughes, and Robert Chambers, who restored it and drove it on many Glidden Tours in the 1950s. It has been in the consignor’s possession for some 20 years.

A superbly conserved older restoration, this Winton is finished in dark green, with subtle striping accenting the strong brass presence of its frontal aspect. The interior is done in almond-toned buttoned leather. The driver has a brass Warner AutoMeter and a stem-wind clock with a second hand at his glance, as well as a brass MotoMeter atop the radiator. Brass gas headlights are complimented by combination oil-electric sidelamps and taillamp, as ordered by Mr. Garlinghouse. The brass horn is an electric Klaxon.

Prominent is an emblem of the Friends of Ancient Road Transportation, a touring organization founded by renowned collector Henry Austin Clark, Jr., and fondly known by its acronym. The consignor recalls many happy tours with friends, sometimes multiple per month in warmer seasons, during which the Winton performed easily and admirably. The car has consequently been maintained in touring condition, with the consignor noting crankcase replacement with new castings in 2019. Further invoices spanning 2013-2019 indicate repair and upkeep performed by RM Auto Restoration of Ontario, Canada.

A superb example of the Brass Era, this majestic Winton is an excellent candidate to show, tour, or simply enjoy. It is accompanied by a rear seat tonneau cover, as well as a tonneau that covers the front seats and steering wheel.