Lot 6144

Auburn Fall 2021

1958 Pontiac Bonneville Sport Coupe


$82,500 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana



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US Title
  • One of fewer than 300 factory fuel-injected cars produced
  • Show-winning, documented, frame-off restoration
  • Equipped with factory air conditioning, power steering, brakes, windows, and antenna; power top
  • Highly optioned, including Sportable radio, Safeguard speedometer and sliding plexiglass visor
  • Spectacular midcentury design

For 1958, Pontiac made the Bonneville, previously a limited-production convertible, its own separate, top-of-the-line series, adding a new hardtop coupe to go along with the convertible. The car was lavished with chrome and gadgetry typical of the period, yet it was most distinguished by what lay under its hood: a 370-cubic-inch V-8 that came standard with 285 horsepower. Several performance upgrades were available, with the most potent being Rochester fuel injection; combined with 10.5:1 compression heads, this package produced 310 horsepower.

Fuel injection was still in its infancy and was the height of automotive engineering in the late 1950s—it was racing technology that GM just happened to offer on its street cars. It was relatively unfamiliar to all but the most performance-minded of buyers, and it was prohibitively expensive (at $500) even for many of those. Accordingly, the number of 1958 Bonnevilles fitted with the fuel-injected engine is known to have been very low; it is estimated to be less than 300 cars.

This glamorous two-tone Coral and White Bonneville offered here is fitted with the fuel-injected V-8 and is heavily loaded with factory options that includes leather interior front bucket seats, power steering, brakes, antenna, and windows, as well as factory air conditioning, electronic eye headlight dimmer, Safeguard speedometer and ultra-rare sliding plexiglass visor. The dashboard contains the desirable Trans-Portable radio, a transistorized unit that can be removed from the car and toted with its owner on a picnic.

The high quality of this car is the result of a meticulous, documented, show-winning professional frame-off restoration by Don Felts. The rare fuel injection system rebuilt by the late Gail Parsons, who was known to be the top expert in early GM injection systems. It was also featured in the book Fuelies by Robert Genat, a copy of which accompanies the car, and is accompanied by show awards, books, and restoration photos.