Lot 3039

Auburn Fall 2018

1913 Maxwell Model 25 Touring

The Calumet Collection


$13,200 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana



Identification No.
  • Offered from the Calumet Collection
  • A charming Brass-Era Chrysler ancestor
  • 25-hp L-head four-cylinder engine and three-speed transmission
  • Largely original, unrestored and well preserved
  • In running and driving condition
  • Ideal for numerous Brass car tours

This charming, largely original Maxwell was reportedly formerly a long-term part of a private Brass car collection on the East Coast. It appears to be entirely as it left the factory, with the exception only of an “enthusiast era” repaint that likely dates to its completion of the 1952 Glidden Revival Tour, and both the top and interior have a wonderful patina. The car runs and drives but has low compression in one cylinder, and is sold with a new set of pistons for a rebuild. It is further equipped with Golden Glow headlamps, solid wood artillery wheels, both a bulb horn and a bell chime, and its well-preserved original side curtains, as well as a canvas tool roll with multiple tools. A particularly interesting feature are the side lights, which can be removed from the car and carried with the owner as lanterns!