Lot 4078

Auburn Fall 2014

1970 AMC Rebel Machine


$28,600 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana



Addendum: Please note this vehicle has a title in transit.

The Rebel Machine is most noted for having the highest horsepower engine in an AMC production car at the time, and for having a red, white and blue paint job. The engine is a V-8 backed by an automatic transmission. The car has power brakes and steering; ram-air hood scoop and dual exhaust. The black interior, with high-back bucket seats, is said to be all original with an optional Rimblo wood steering wheel, center console and the tachometer mounted in the hood is standard. It has front disc brakes, rear sway bar and Machine rims that were designed by Kelsey-Hayes.

This car is said to have a partial professional restoration and has participated in antique car shows in Canada. In 1970 only 2,500 Rebel Machines were produced.