Lot 169

Open Roads, December 2021

1990 Porsche 911 Custom


€72,600 EUR | Sold

Netherlands | Tilburg, Netherlands



Chassis No.
Bill of Sale Only
  • G-Force Blue Coral competition 911 with 1990s competition history in British GT and Special Saloon Nordic Championships
  • Powered by a twin-turbo, flat, six-cylinder engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission
  • Accompanied by spare parts, including wheels, turbos, and a transmission
  • FIA-compliant roll cage and fuel system

Over the course of 60 years, the 911 chassis has been adapted to handle just about any environment, a testament to its remarkable engineering. Porsche’s long-running production of certain chassis has allowed older generations of the 911 to be updated to later specifications.

In 1996, Bo Strandell, a renowned Porsche dealer and racer, took this concept to the extreme when he modified this car, originally a 964 Carrera, and transformed it into a competition 993 for GT1 and GT2 racing. As such, this 911 features a fully FIA-compliant roll cage and fuel system, massive brakes, and a suite of aerodynamic modifications. The race car is powered by a twin-turbocharged, flat, six-cylinder engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission. Once completed, the car entered competition through the G-Force race team finished in their iconic dark blue/yellow “Blue Coral” livery, which the vehicle retains. At the time, Strandell had been living in England and heading race teams across Europe.

The car was entered in several races in the British GT championship—previously called the BRDC National Sports GT Challenge—and would later find success in the Special Saloon Nordic Championship. With driver Christer Steen behind the wheel, the Porsche took a number of poles, podiums, and outright wins. While piloting the car, Steen became Swedish champion in 1997 and won the Nordic championship in 1998. A particularly harrowing tale is told in a clipping, which describes Steen running off into the gravel at a race in Anderstorp and falling back into 10th place. After an immense recovery, he was able to pass the competition and take home the winning trophy.

This storied Porsche is accompanied by copies of registration paperwork, notes, newspaper clippings, race record, and spare parts, including a transmission, six turbochargers, wheels, and a front bumper to name a few.