Lot 206

Open Roads, The European Summer Auction

McLaren F1 Owners Manual and Service Record & Warranty Book


€4,200 EUR | Sold

United Kingdom | London, United Kingdom



  • An extremely rare set of original unused McLaren F1 books
  • Unmarked and in outstanding condition
  • A wonderful example of McLaren’s extraordinary attention to detail

Please note that this lot will need to be collected in London, U.K.

Widely regarded as the greatest supercar ever made, the McLaren F1 could not be accompanied by a normal set of books. The F1 was famous for being designed with a painstaking attention to detail and efficiency, this same design ethos was applied to the Owners Manual and the Service Record & Warranty Book.

Now revered as the last great analogue supercar, the F1’s books were lavished with stunning hand-drawn printed illustrations covering every aspect of ownership of a McLaren F1. The concise text printed on high-quality paper all met the remarkably high standard of every component of the F1. In a few of the drawings are references to the earlier speed record of 231 mph, whilst Gordon Murray managed to slip in a tribute to his idol, Bob Dylan, when Dylan’s ‘Street Legal’ CD was used for the Kenwood sound system diagram.

Only 106 F1s were ever made, with just 64 of these being production road cars, so very few people will have ever been fortunate enough to see or hold an F1 Owners Manual or Service Record & Warranty Book. These books have never been assigned to any F1 so remain unmarked and are an unrepeatable opportunity for any enthusiast to own what are possibly the greatest owners manuals ever produced.