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Open Roads, February 2021

1987 Maserati Biturbo Si Black

European Offering


€12,650 EUR | Sold

Italy | Brusaporto, Italy



Chassis No.
Engine No.
AM471 350347
Italian Libretto
  • Special edition Biturbo Si ‘Black’, one of 105 examples produced
  • Recommissioned and routinely maintained by F.lli Campana S.r.l
  • Exceptionally well preserved with just under 35,500 km from new
  • Retains its original engine

Maserati’s Biturbo was introduced to the press on December 14, 1981 by Alexandro De Tomaso, Maserati’s owner from 1976-1993. The car was named Biturbo referencing the two turbochargers fitted to its 180 bhp 1,996 cc light alloy V-6 engine. The engine had previously been used in the Citroen Maserati SM and the Maserati Merak and was updated for use in the new vehicle. Like many cars of the era produced for the Italian market, engine displacement was intentionally kept below 2.0-litres in order to avoid substantially higher VAT.

It was the right car at the right time – in commercial terms – for Maserati. The Italian automaker produced more cars to-date than at any other time in its almost sixty-year history. In the first full year of production, 1983, nearly 5,000 were built. Numerous updated and improved versions were introduced, including this Si, which adds fuel injection and a bump to 223hp. By 1989 when production ended, 11,919 Biturbos were built, including 992 Si’s beginning in 1986.A special edition Biturbo Si Black was announced in 1986, which featured a two-tone black over grey colour scheme. Mechanically identical to the standard Biturbo Si, only 105 examples were produced through 1988.

According to factory records provided by Maserati Classiche, this Biturbo Si Black was completed in April 1987. It was delivered new in Italy to its first owner on June 30, 1987. It is fitted with the engine with which it was originally built. It has been in the consignor’s possession since 2009. He purchased it from the prior owner who bought it in 1992 with less than 15,000 km on its odometer. Due to health problems of that owner, the car remained unused after 2003 while stored in a heated garage.

When purchased by the consignor, the odometer read 26,000 km and today, its odometer shows 35,410 km from new at the time of cataloging. He described finding the car in splendid condition, albeit dusty and filled with old petrol. F.lli Campagna S.r.l. of Milano Brianza recommissioned the car and invoices are included for work completed. Since purchased by the consignor, the car has been routinely maintained and regularly driven. It remains in original, unrestored condition.