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Open Roads, February 2021

1974 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti Bimotore 4×4 Wainer

European Offering


€63,000 EUR | Sold

Italy | Brusaporto, Italy



Chassis No.
AS 5336460 901C
Bill of Sale Only
  • Fascinating twin-engine prototype intended for motorsport use
  • Powered by a pair of Alfasud Ti 1,186 cc four-cyldiner boxer engines
  • Well-preserved and fascinating Alfa Romeo

The twin-engine Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti was the brainchild of Gianfranco Mantovani (nicknamed Wainer), who’s workshop specialized in the modification and preparation of competitions cars, often collaborating with Alfa Romeo and the racing department, Autodelta as well as its founder Carlo Chiti. Completed in 1977, the Alfasud Bimotore is a 1974 Alfasud Ti 1200, cleverly modified to have two engines, one conventionally mounted in the front, and a second identical engine in the rear, offering driven power at all four wheels.

The engines in question are a pair of Alfa Romeo’s 1,186 cc, 79 horsepower, four-cylinder boxer engines normally equipped to the Alfasud, each with its own gearbox and differential, with the front engine transmitting power to the front wheels, and the rear engine transmitting power to the rear wheels. The ignition of both engines is activated with separate starter buttons, making it possible to operate only one engine at a time, and the instrumentation was doubled to monitor both engines individually. A separate exhaust gas system for the second engine was added, a pump added to operate the clutch of the second engine, and the second gearbox connects the gearlever. As rear-mounted engine replaced the car’s rear seats, an 80-litre fuel tank was fitted in the luggage compartment.

The body of the Alfasud twin-engine remained largely unchanged compared to the standard production model, except for the addition of the two black side air intakes, where a pair of radiators with an electric fan were located to cool the second engine. A special oil cooling radiator was also added. The rear seat of the standard Alfasud was removed to make room for the second engine and a two-piece removable soundproof cover was built to facilitate access and maintenance operations. The addition of the second engine guaranteed the twin-engine Alfasud acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 8.2 seconds, and a top speed of 215 km/h.

Although the Bimotore was designed with racing in mind, including events like the African Safari Rally and Targa Florio, its racing ambitions never came to fruition, and the car never passed the prototype stage. Today, this Alfasud is well presented and largely preserved inoriginal condition, following a repaint with new ‘Bimotore’ livery stickers. Furthermore, it is important to those that the Alfasud has never been road registered.

This innovative and unique car presents a rare opportunity to acquire one of the most unusual Alfa Romeos ever built.