Find Your Next Porsche Collectible, from Barbie Cars and Porsche Accessories, to Parts for Finishing Your 356 Project.

The Porsche shield, and its name, emblazoned on most anything make for something sincerely special. Beginning with its cars whose styles and powerhouses have evolved with the times, but the silhouettes and badges have remained iconic, even timeless. The same goes for its fun and artistic posters and advertising. And when Porsche introduced Porsche Design in 1972, initially marrying the name with its own watches, the success would seed the growth of the Design house offerings to include other driver-centric and enthusiast accessories in the years to come. With the love, adoration, and following the Porsche brand and its cars have garnered in its 76 years, it's no surprise that collectors and fans are eager to get their hands on Porsche-branded items, which is why The White Collection | Online is a Porsche hobbyist and owner’s dream. With over 1,800 lots to browse, there is earnestly something for everyone. 

We’ve created a guide for you, the art/car/mechanic/toy collector, to utilize to find the specific Porsche parts or items you are looking for. Or see it as a fun way to peruse the countless final remnants of The White Collection.

Porsche Model-Specific 
918 Spyder

Porsche’s hybrid hypercar is a piece of technological art and was, for many years, considered the fastest street-legal production Porsche made (that crown now sits on the hood of the all-electric Taycan Turbo S). If you’re already on the lookout for anything 918-related, you may have already delved deep into The White Collection | Online’s collectibles. Here you’ll find toys for both yourself and the kids, including two Porsche Design 918 Spyder Baby Cars. For owners, items like service covers, a movable charging pedestal, and collector packages of swag are also available. Or, find one (or a few) of the advertising and art posters of the car to hang in the garage or office.


Once the fastest street-legal production Porsche model you could purchase when it was introduced in 1986, the extreme take on the classic 911 was indeed, extreme. While there are no 959 parts and accessories to find in the collection, you can still find items like a long-lost workshop manual or one of Porsche’s signature eye-catching posters. The choice is yours.


The 356—the start of the Porsche car company. Made from 1948 to 1965, the first Porsche is well-aged, so finding original parts can be a challenge. The parts on offer from The White Collection | Online are not quite enough to build an entire 356 by any means, but the hardware is plentiful. Lot 600 is an entire Porsche 356 SC engine. Need an engine case? A transaxle? Engine lid? Maybe a bench seat with rails or floor mats? Whatever you need to bring your 356 back to life for enjoyment or concours competition, you have a fairly good chance of finding the missing piece here. Don’t forget there are also a few select toys and models available, along with tool kits, manuals, and more.


The iconic 911, and its notable versions like the Whale-Tail (RS 2.7), RSR, and Targa to name just a few, are unforgettable and undoubtedly the most recognized Porsche models today. That being said, this might be the most populated category of parts, collectibles, and accessories within the collection. Choose from dozens upon dozens of original tool kits, or find Porsche literature and technical information specifically for the 911, reflectors and engine covers, wall art (some framed), as well as fun tartan luggage bags. It also wouldn’t be an automobilia auction without a Porsche-branded watch.


Parts and Accessories for Any Porsche Project 

A project Porsche is still a Porsche, whether it’s in many pieces waiting to be assembled, you’re looking to upgrade pieces and parts of your car, or you’re trying to collect as many original pieces and accessories as possible. If it’s radios you’re looking for, search through the 43 lots of Porsche factory stereos from names like Blaupunkt and Alpine. Missing the tool kit to your Porsche? You may be able to find the one you need from the 115 lots of Porsche tool kits on offer. Don’t forget to take a look at the Porsche-branded air compressors, jacks, and medical kits, because the details really do matter. If it’s the beauty on the outside that truly counts though, accessorize your Porsche with a Porsche-branded detail kit, a nice set of Porsche wheels, with many Fuchs wheels to choose from, or any of the multiple luggage sets, suitcases, or Porsche bags.



Porsche Games, Toys, and the Rest of the Accessories


Porsche items to “play” with aren’t limited to the actual cars and projects. Find a smaller version of a Porsche to display, appreciate, and admire at home from one of the dozens of Porsche models available to bid on, from Hot Wheels and Lego, to scale models of various sizes, as well as model displays for dealerships and from the Porsche Driving Experience. Those wanting to learn more about their favorite Porsche models, how to work on them, or just Porsches as a whole can find several lots of magazines, manuals, and books to add to their libraries. Decorate your space, garage, or home with one or a few of the over 400 Porsche posters. Or deck yourself out in some of the Porsche mechanic’s wears, jackets, and coats.



Interesting Porsche Lots You Won’t Want to Miss



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