Zach Oller

Car Specialist

Deerfield Beach, Florida - United States

Languages: English +1 954 284 4575 +1 316 217 2961

Specialist Image

The seeds for Zach’s eventual career as a Car Specialist planted themselves early. One took on a surprising form: an Xbox. A prize won by a young Zach for amassing more subscriptions than anyone else along his paper route. An achievement garnered by knocking on strangers’ doors and tallying away new stops for his route—instilling an early and surprising acumen in the art of sales. The second, more obvious seed—collector cars—settled in early, Zach’s small-town Kansas upbringing underpinned by a collector car scene infatuated with America’s pre-war machines and muscle from the sixties. This seed went on to sprout in the rumble seat of a Ford Model A during his first-ever childhood ride in a classic. When the Ford’s brakes maladjusted, what should have been a regular stop at a set of lights turned into an unexpected red-light running, and the accidental illegal maneuver forever clinched an already burgeoning excitement for the classics within Zach. Early on then, Zach set himself on cars, while happening upon a stall for Auctions America at a McPherson College career fair served as his proper introduction to the auction world. Securing himself an internship at then-RM-subsidiary Auctions America in 2014, a following stint writing catalogues led to him becoming an RM Car Specialist by 2017. With a specialty in cars pulled from the Kansas scene he first cut his teeth against, Zach’s knowledge—of which he carries an ample amount of on automotive history—and experience has only grown since, further acquiring an appreciation for the sports cars of Europe, particularly Porsches. Today, he heads up RM’s Deerfield Beach, Florida-based office, serving as the company’s foremost representative in the area. Outside of work, much of his time is spent with his wife, daughter, and dog Dino, or further fueling his obsession with F1 racing—Red Bull Racing his team of choice.