Juliette Courbin

Client Liaison

London, United Kingdom

Languages: English, French, Spanish

jcourbin@rmsothebys.com +44 (0) 20 7851 7070

Specialist Image

Juliette understands what it means to work in a tight-knit business: from France’s famed wine-bearing Bordeaux region, she grew up on her family’s vineyard and winery, helping out from an early age. There, she gained perspective on the impact a single person can have on the machinations of a company and the passion behind a generational business—perspective that inspired a sense of loyalty. Hand in hand, she also learned the weight that such a passion carries when pursuing a career. Having joined RM in 2021, backgrounded by a degree in Marketing and Communications and previous experience from the BBC, Juliette brings such attitudes to her work. A Client Liaison, she works closely with specialists and their clients, doing her best to ensure everything is in its proper order and taking care that her every action comes backed by consideration. To witness everything come together at a successful auction, the result of close teamwork and many interactions with both clients and specialists, is one of the rewards of her job. And it is a job she feels naturally inclined towards due to its intrinsic sociability, having long since understood that she truly enjoys working with people. Friends and family oriented, she appreciates the unique workspace that RM offers, the event-driven and traveling lifestyle inspiring a natural closeness with colleagues. She enjoys keeping busy outside of work as much as within, taking in the many events and hotspots that London offers, from museums and restaurants through to bars and festivals.