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RM Sotheby’s has been a trusted private broker for buying or selling significant motor cars for countless global clients over the years. Our dedicated Private Sales division was formed to provide discreet and honest advice with unparalleled global transaction execution capabilities to our clients for those looking to buy or sell outside of an auction atmosphere. RM Sotheby’s Private Sales division offers a focused and tailored approach to clients through each stage of analysis, acquisition, and deaccession, along with our unique ability to leverage our global team of Car Specialists, combined with our expansive and deep client relationships, to ensure that the best possible result is achieved for our valued clients.

Our services include:

  • Brokerage or consignment of rare motor cars
  • Acquisition of cars and comprehensive collections
  • Strategic guidance and expert advisory around collection management
  • Flexible financial solutions around deal structuring


For Sellers


Private sales are a great option for clients that want to keep their transactions quiet and out of the public eye. Many clients prefer this discretion, particularly if their collector car is quite rare or valuable, to avoid waves of public attention. Names of buyers and sellers are always kept confidential. Our team works hard to maintain the privacy of our clients, while also striving to find suitable buyers for their cherished motor cars.

Within the private sales sector, sellers can advertise their vehicle alongside a specific price. There is more price control, reassuring clients that they will have the final say on what offer to accept. A mutual agreement of transactions is always required before final sale.

The global reach of RM Private Sales expands across continents and covers a truly global marketplace. The division also has prominent visibility at RM Sotheby’s annual roster of auction events.

For Buyers


Our Private Sales Team will simplify the searching process for buyers. By contacting one of our RM Private Sales Specialists, clients can provide information on their price range, motor car or collection preferences, and more. RM Private Sales has an extensive network of global client relationships, contributing to our proficiency in matching buyers and sellers.

RM satisfies private requests by exhausting all internal and external resources, from understanding the needs of the client to utilizing our private network to find what they are looking for.

The RM Private Sales team offers more than just Private Sales information and services. We offer an exceptional client service experience with a lasting positive impact, while simultaneously keeping your identity and interactions privately secure.


Leverage the world’s most comprehensive network of buyers. RM Sotheby’s has been a trusted private broker for buying and selling significant motor cars for countless global clients over the years. Currently, we have clients seeking out the following collector automobiles:

  • Aston Martin DB5 in LHD
  • Ferrari 288 GTO
  • Ferrari F40 (US or European spec welcome)
  • Ferrari F50: Any mileage or specification considered
  • Ferrari Enzo: North American or EU spec wanted, circa 10,000-20,000 km mileage
  • Maserati MC12 in Europe
  • Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing
  • Porsche Carrera GT in a color other than Silver
  • Porsche 918 Spyder: North American or EU spec wanted, Weissach package not mandatory
  • Interesting restoration projects


Global Client Relationships: Our extensive history, scale, international presence, and Sotheby’s partnership all contribute to our deep and expansive client relationships, which allow us to better match supply and demand for private sales.

Market Insight: We offer strategic advice based on market insight gained from the transactions we manage on a daily basis, buttressed by the accumulated expertise from our global team of Car Specialists who are working with clients and executing those transactions.

Research: Our dedicated research team maintains exceptional relationships with manufacturers, historians, and collectors to assess originality, research provenance, or uncover new history to support the sale or acquisition of a motor car privately.

Public & Private Showrooms: The ability to showcase automobiles around the world, either at one of our public showrooms in New York or Los Angeles, or at one of our private facilities in North America or Europe.

Promotional Efforts: Our marketing and creative teams produce custom promotional campaign materials built to maximize exposure, whether to a limited, hand-selected audience or a broader base of coverage.

Trust & Discretion: Clients can feel secure in the knowledge that we are thoroughly committed to upholding client confidentiality across all divisions of our company and at every step of each transaction.


Sotheby’s Sealed offers our clients a revolutionary way to buy and sell exceptional automobiles in a competitive, private sale format. The model uses the base template of a timed online auction. However, bidders are only able to see their own bid amount—not the high/winning bid (except for the bidder with the winning bid). The Sotheby’s Sealed platform is engineered to provide bidders and buyers absolute privacy, whilst ensuring the final sale price remains confidential. The proprietary system has been used to sell Juan Fangio’s personal Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, the fabled white Ferrari Enzo, and the McLaren F1 chassis no. 059.


To discuss purchasing a motor car on offer, or to sell your motor car through our Private Sales services, contact private@rmsothebys.com or one of our team members below.

Shelby Myers

Global Head of Private Sales Los Angeles, California - United States

Languages: English

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Brian Finster

Chief Growth Officer Los Angeles, California - United States

Languages: English

Jack Little

Managing Director, Private Sales London, United Kingdom

Languages: English

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Mark Donaldson

Director of Private Sales, Europe London, United Kingdom

Languages: English

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Greg Duckloe

Director of Operations and Research, Private Sales, EMEA London, United Kingdom

Languages: English

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Harley Cluxton IV

Private Sales Car Specialist Dallas, Texas - United States

Languages: English

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Valérie Wiles

Private Sales Client Manager, EMEA London, United Kingdom

Languages: English, French, German