Launched in 2018, RM Financial Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of RM Sotheby’s that provides tailor-made loans for high-end collector car and collection owners globally.

As the largest global auction house in collector cars, our market insight and valuation expertise, coupled with our significant expertise in the financial services industry, allow us to provide a timely, accurate valuation of your car or collection, while structuring a tailor-made financing solution that meets your financial objectives.


Primarily focused on providing secured loans above US$250,000 using motor cars as collateral, we are pleased to offer the following services:

Consignor Advances – Once you have decided to consign your motor car with RM Sotheby's, it could take weeks or months to receive your proceeds depending on the timing of the sale. Through consignor advances, we can provide you with immediate capital and liquidity at the time of consignment, with the balance to be paid after settlement.

Equity Releases
 – You may have significant capital tied up in a significant collector car, or the market value of your motor car may have grown significantly over time, and you may want to release some of its equity based on its current market value. We can work with you to value your motor car and create a custom financing solution to meet your financial objectives.

Acquisition Financing
 – If you would like to bid for a motor car RM Sotheby’s is offering, having pre-approved financing in place could give you additional peace of mind on your way to potential ownership. We will be able to outline the potential financing options in advance, giving you added confidence as a bidder or a buyer.



Unparalleled Car Knowledge and Valuation Expertise – Our Car Specialist, Appraisal, and Research teams, along with our network of exceptional relationships with manufacturers and historians, combine to offer unmatched knowledge of nearly every segment of the market.

Customized, Tailored Solutions – We are capable of structuring creative solutions to solve our clients’ financing needs. We are focused on providing financial solutions for the collection and disposition of the world’s finest motor carsnot pushing volume of standardized lending productsand we are committed to working with you to meet your financing needs and building a long-term relationship.

Quick Decision-Making Process – We lend directly to our clients leveraging our strong balance sheet, as we are not a broker or intermediary. We are therefore able to make quick decisions to meet your needs.



Bryon Madsen

President Blenheim, Ontario - Canada

Languages: English, Swedish, Japanese

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John Sulman

General Counsel Blenheim, Ontario - Canada

Languages: English

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Simon Drabble

Director of Financial Services London, United Kingdom

Languages: English

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Kelly Johnston

Executive Assistant to General Counsel Blenheim, Ontario - Canada

Languages: English

Eugene Robertson

Director of Appraisals and Estate Planning Detroit, Michigan - United States

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Madison Abreu

Financial Services Coordinator Blenheim, Ontario - Canada

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Jocelyn Xavier

Auction Accountant Blenheim, Ontario - Canada

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