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RM Sotheby's strives to outperform both our clients' and our own expectations, and this begins with strategic advice based on astute valuations.

Our proprietary knowledge comes from the market insight gained through the transactions we manage daily. At RM, appraisals and valuations are a significant part of the wider variety of services offered to facilitate the acquisition, sale, and restoration of classic cars. 

It's important to have proper appraisals on file for various purposes, including estate planning, collection management, probate, loan collateralization, and insurance, to name just a few. 

RM Sotheby's appraisals team helps produce credible appraisals for any of these purposes, tailored to the client and the job. These range from informal valuation assessments to formally documented appraisals that follow the criteria and standards as outlined in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). RM Sotheby's appraisals have been routinely employed to assess important cars and collections and are by prominent global banks, insurance companies, and tax and legal professionals who rely on our expertise-driven valuations based on our market insight as one of the largest market makers in the industry.

Working with executors, lawyers, accountants, and tax professionals, among others, we consistently go above our competitors in ensuring that you receive the highest quality assessments of your collectibles. Proof of our leadership can be found in our success as the world's foremost collector car auctioneer, and also in the strength of the relationships, we continue to forge and maintain.


This is the most frequently asked question we hear from RM Sotheby’s clientele. Whether you are considering selling your car at auction, speaking with your insurance agent about replacement value, managing your asset portfolio, or estate planning, it is important to ensure your vehicle is properly and accurately valued.

RM Sotheby’s specialists and appraisers work directly with our clients to talk to buyers, sellers, and dealers every day, which allows us to continuously gather critical information about values. The sale of a collector car at auction also provides a true and accurate market value, with a published sale figure that eliminates any value-related rumours or speculations. In certain situations, an official appraisal report that defines a car’s fair market value will also be required for either financial or legal purposes (or both).

RM’s dedicated Appraisals team, with decades of experience inspecting and evaluating every type of collector vehicle, can provide these valuation services to our clients. This team has been trained, tested, and credentialed by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), thereby providing clients with the comfort and security of knowing that their vehicles are being appraised by qualified industry professionals. Utilizing the largest archive of vehicle and sales data, RM Sotheby’s now provides you with a level of appraisal quality and accuracy that every collector, insurer, or lender can depend on.

Appraisals and Valuations Team

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