Lot 2157

The White Collection

2015 Porsche 918 'Weissach' Spyder


$3,937,500 USD | Sold

United States | Houston, Texas



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  • The crown jewel of the White Collection; a breathtaking and entirely unique rendition of Porsche’s modern hypercar
  • Custom-specified by the consignor with over $96,000 of bespoke tailoring from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, as well as the desirable Weissach performance package
  • Finished in paint-to-sample Grand Prix White with color-matched magnesium wheels, over full leather-to-sample Yachting Blue upholstery with Bianco Leda piping
  • Delivered new to the White Collection via Porsche of North Houston; currently indicates just 12 miles at time of cataloguing
  • The only 918 ever produced with this incredible specification; original MSRP of $1,028,200
  • Accompanied by an impressive list of items highlighted by Porsche build book; Yachting Blue leather luggage; matching model with case; Porsche 918 Spyder Circle race suit, helmet, and driving shoes; Porsche Design 918 Spyder Circle Chronotimer; and Martini graphic set
Addendum: Please note that prior to taking delivery of this car it will go to Porsche of North Houston to address two recalls (campaigns). Parts for these services are coming from Germany, because of this, it’s estimated to take two weeks to complete. Buyers should calculate shipping for this car from Porsche of North Houston.

“Please keep this option content confidential. Porsche AG does not want this offered to anyone else as they do not have the capacity to do this more than once.”

So begins a painstakingly detailed 2014 e-mail chain between Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur representatives and the White Collection.

Residing at the innermost of Porsche’s VIP circles, the consignor—and very few others—are instantly allotted order slots for the marque’s hottest and most exclusive new-and-upcoming models, their custom specifications eagerly awaited by the factory and originating dealer. But even these select few clients exist within strata; the clients whom Porsche truly dotes upon make up a very short list indeed, and the marque caters to their most extravagant, precise, and thoughtfully considered desires for vehicle personalization.

The consignor’s over-the-top, distinctly personal specification for this 2015 918 “Weissach” Spyder has resulted in what is surely one of the most attractive, breathtaking, and unique renditions of the model ever created. This car, serial number 656, is a unique prize by any standard, with the sheer immensity of its custom tailoring requirements having stretched the boundaries of Posche’s Exclusive Manufaktur department. When delivered new to Porsche of North Houston, the original MSRP for this one-off 918 Spyder was $1,028,200—representing a nearly 25% premium over a standard example of the model.

Finished in the stunning, tailor-made color combination of paint-to-sample Grand Prix White (9A5) over a full leather-to-sample Yachting Blue interior, the visage of 918 number 656 is further enriched by the desirable “Weissach” performance package, complete with color-matched, painted magnesium Weissach wheels with red-anodized center-lock wheel nuts, silver brake calipers, exposed, weave-matched carbon fiber detailing, and a clean aesthetic free from any distracting exterior badges.

The car’s expertly crafted interior is a richly detailed masterpiece of custom-specified matte carbon fiber and fine, bespoke elements rendered in Yachting Blue leather with Bianco Leda contrast stitching—namely the steering wheel, A-pillars, headliner, windscreen surround, dashboard, door panels, and lightweight bucket seats. This jaw-dropping cabin is rounded out by a set of Yatching Blue carbon fiber floormats, Biano Leda headrest embroidery, a premium Burmester sound system, and custom-specified Yachting Blue seatbelts.

Additional specified options include the very useful front-axle-lift system, a pair of gas hood struts, “special wishes” 25-foot extended charging cable, HomeLink system, and matching set of beautifully appointed Yachting Blue leather luggage.

Since delivery to the White Collection, 918 number 656 has been furnished with all the requisite warranty recall services recommended by Porsche AG, including the 2016 and 2018 recall campaigns concerning the front and rear control arms, respectively. Routine service appointments through late 2016 also saw the car updated with Teroson sealant for its transmission control unit, revised axial fixing units for the rear drive shafts, and new seat belt fasteners. In July 2023, a new battery was acquired directly from Porsche of North Houston, at the cost of approximately $9,500. While in the collection, it has been started and run to operating temperature monthly.

Further elevating this 918 Spyder above the rest is the impressive list of items accompanying the car. Highlights include pre-sales marketing pieces, pre-purchase correspondence specifying the car including paint and leather samples, a Porsche build book documenting the car through he assembly line, delivery photos, delivery protective coverings, purchase agreement, temporary registration from 2015, window sticker, owner’s manuals, racing harnesses, and matching model with case. Additional accessories include a Porsche 918 Spyder Circle race suit, Porsche 918 Spyder Circle helmet with case (numbered to the car), Porsche 918 Spyder Circle driving shoes (numbered to the car), and a Porsche Design 918 Spyder Circle Chronotimer wrist watch (one of 918), as well as a Martini graphic set in a metal box from Porsche, which has never been applied. Please see the photo gallery for a complete view of what is included with the car.

Presented today with just 12 miles on its odometer, and a bedazzling array of accompanying items, the White Collection’s 918 “Weissach” Spyder is very much still “in the wrapper,” and absolutely a unique rendition of the model which will not, and for that matter cannot, ever be replicated in the marketplace again.

This is certainly among the lowest-original-mileage Porsche 918s available, and it offers an unrepeatable opportunity for the serious Porsche collector to acquire an entirely one-off specimen of the model directly from the treasured ownership of one of Porsche’s most highly regarded customers.