Lot 2140

The White Collection

1992 Porsche 911 Carrera RS


$390,000 USD | Sold

United States | Houston, Texas



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  • Limited-production lightweight 964 offering an exhilarating, analog, and unfiltered driving experience
  • Presented in factory-original Grand Prix White over black leatherette with two-tone gray inserts
  • Delivered new to Japan; acquired by the White Collection in October 2014
  • Exceptionally well-preserved; currently indicates fewer than 12,710 km (~7,900 miles) at time of cataloguing
  • One of 1,992 Carrera RS “Lightweight” examples produced; equipped with locking differential, Recaro bucket seats, front strut tie bar, cast magnesium wheels, and red seatbelts

This Japanese-market, Grand Prix White (908/P5) Carrera RS Lightweight is a stunning example of Porsche’s limited-production, stripped down 964-generation “Rennsport” special. Now offered with just under 12,710 kilometers (~7,900 miles) indicated at time of cataloguing, it would be an outstanding and exhilarating acquisition for the Luftgekühlt enthusiast who thinks themselves a capable, high-performance driver.

The Carrera RS Lightweight remains among the most sought-after variants of the 964-generation Porsche 911. This specimen was delivered new to Japan via the importer Mizwa and was first registered in Takasaki under the vanity plate “330TA964.” Japanese export documents illustrate that it remained with its original owner for more than 15 years until passing to its second recorded custodian, after which it became registered in Shinagawa as “329RO980.”

In October 2014, this exceptionally well-preserved car was purchased by the White Collection and imported to Houston, Texas. At that point it indicated 12,705 kilometers (~7,895 miles). Since entering the White Collection, it has not required much on account of its excellent condition; between 2015 and 2017, this RS was furnished with approximately $1,935 of miscellaneous parts, with a demonstrated focus on getting its presentation absolutely correct. Otherwise, it has been started and run to operating temperature monthly.

Essentially a road-homologated rendition of the contemporary Carrera Cup race car, the RS weighs nearly 300 pounds less than a standard 964-generation Carrera Coupe. Better yet, it sports absolutely zero driver aids or safety features, excepting ABS. Porsche engineers removed every ounce of material or cabin feature that could have been removed for weight savings. The windows? Crank them up yourself. Door handle? Here’s a pair of cloth pull-straps! And how about the steering? Entirely unassisted, and wonderfully precise.

The carpeting and windows are much thinner, some of the body panels are aluminum, and of course there is no standard radio or air conditioning system to speak of in the RS Lightweight. For maximum rigidity, the body is entirely seam-welded—a unique feature not seen on any other 964-generation production car. The model’s standard 17-inch Cup wheels look exactly like normal 964 fare—except they are cast from magnesium, and nearly 22% lighter.

The RS derives its power from an exclusive 3.6-liter, 240 horsepower Type M64/03 flat-six which drives the rear wheels through five-speed transaxle with racing clutch and single-mass flywheel. Handling has been similarly improved via a sports-derived suspension, as well as front and rear brakes respectively borrowed from the 911 Turbo and Carrera Cup models.

This is an absolutely analog, unfiltered thrill to drive—even half-fast—and yet, only the most talented drivers will be able to explore its capabilities at ten-tenths. In this upper range, the RS Lightweight has been rightly called “too good for the road” and “a point-and-shoot missile” on the track; an exceptionally well-preserved example such as this is, simply, an offering not to be missed.