Lot 607


1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Phaeton


$170,500 USD | Sold

United States | California



Serial No.
812 32229 H
Chassis No.
Engine No.
FC 3175
Body No.
C 91 612
  • An original factory-supercharged example
  • Well-presented older restoration with excellent history
  • Very rare Cord accessory dashboard compass
  • Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) Full Classic

Introduced in late 1935 at the New York Auto Show, “The New Cord” created a sensation. Crowds around the sleek, front-wheel drive 810 were so deep that people were forced to stand on other display cars just to get a glimpse. Deliveries began in 1936, but the Depression finally caught up to E.L. Cord’s empire and 1937 was to be the final model year. During this time, the cars (now designated 812) were available for the first and only time with an optional supercharger, which boosted power to almost 200 horsepower. The supercharged cars could also be fitted with magnificent outside exhaust pipes, giving the car its most iconic look. At the height of the Depression, sadly, few could afford this luxury.

The supercharged 812 Phaeton offered here is recorded in the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club’s rosters as an authentic factory-supercharged example, as signified by the “3” prefix of its serial number. It was previously owned for many years by Dr. Richard Brinkley of Texas, who in 1977 told the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club Newsletter that the original owner had been an Iowan who developed an early fried chicken restaurant chain. Dr. Brinkley bought the car from the second owner in 1966 and began restoring it two years later, meticulously returning each component to its original condition. It eventually achieved a Senior First Prize in Classic Car Club of America competition, with a score of 99 points at the CCCA Grand Classic at Indianapolis in 1977, receiving Senior badge no. 776. “It’s not just a car,” he wrote. “As far as physical things go, it’s the only thing I ever really wanted.”

Following Dr. Brinkley’s ownership, the Cord remained in Texas, passing in 1986 to Jimmy Martin, then in 1990 to David Taylor’s respected museum in Galveston. Finally, it resided in Sterling McCall’s collection in Round Rock, from which Mr. Mitosinka purchased it in 2006. Since then it has been preserved within his own collection and is still in impressive overall condition, given the age of its restoration. While the driving miles are visible on the engine and chassis, the paint is still in very good overall condition, as is the interior; Mr. Mitosinka has had the windshield frame rechromed.

Inspection of the car shows that the engine is a correct factory-supercharged unit, but it is not original to this car; the Cord does, however, retains its original serial number tag and the original numbered front stub frame. Desirable accessories include Cord-badged amber driving lights and the very, very rare Cord accessory compass. An owner’s manual also accompanies the car. At the time of cataloging the car had recorded 66,806 miles, a figure in line with the original mileage noted by Dr. Brinkley in 1977. A thorough service would be recommended before regular road use.

Eligible for a happy return to CCCA or ACD Club activities following detailing, this handsome Cord reflects the best that the marque has to offer – factory-supercharged performance and impressive modern style.