Lot 118

Miami 2024

1988 Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV by Bertone


Sold After Auction

United States | Coral Gables, Florida



Chassis No.
US Title
  • An incredibly well-preserved Countach that remained on original MSO until 2018; displays 1,273 kilometers (~791 miles) at cataloguing, with just one titled owner from new
  • Said to be one of 66 later, fuel-injected 5000 QV cars delivered to the United States
  • Converted soon after purchase to more powerful Weber downdraft carburetor configuration, with correct engine cover and Euro-spec front bumper fitted
  • Striking original colors of Red over White leather; equipped from new with signature rear wing
  • Documented with original purchase order; accompanied by photo copies, tools, additional set of unused original keys, original fuel injection system intake and fuel rails, wiring harness, and US-spec rear decklid and front bumper

The flamboyant lines and raw power of the Lamborghini Countach invite speculation about the wild lives each of these cars must have lived. If only these seats could talk…

Yet in the case of this stunning 1988 Countach 5000 QV, the story told is remarkable for an entirely different reason: It has seen extremely little road use from new thanks to three decades in climate-controlled storage, with its odometer displaying a mere 1,273 kilometers (~791 miles) at the time of cataloguing. As a result, it presents in remarkably well-preserved condition today, with original factory finishes inside and out. In fact, it still sits on its original tires!

As documented by the original purchase order on file, this 1988 Countach 5000 QV was delivered new through Motor Coach Sales of Randallstown, Maryland. In addition to its fuel-injected 5.2-liter V-12—which made this one of just 66 such later, Bosch K-Jetronic-equipped examples said to have been originally delivered to the United States—it was equipped with the Countach’s signature rear wing, a $4,000 option that brought the total new price to an impressive $138,850. It is understood that the Lamborghini’s first owner had its original gold-colored wheels swapped with the presently fitted silver wheels, which were installed on another car in inventory, while still at the dealership.

As was common practice for the era, this United States-specification Countach was upgraded soon after purchase with a selection of European-specification components. This included the installation of six Weber downdraft carburetors and the associated intake, which improved output from the already respectable 414 horsepower to an even better 449 horsepower; fitment of the correct European-specification rear decklid completed this aspect of the conversion. Further, a Euro-spec front bumper replaced the bulkier US-market unit.

Although the car’s proud owner drove the Countach for a time, accruing the bulk of the presently indicated 1,273 kilometers, he soon disassembled the suspension and engine, reportedly to detail some of the components. The car would remain disassembled, safely stored at his home and off the road, for the next three decades; although no doubt unintentional, this lengthy period of storage effectively froze the car in time, contributing to its excellent state of preservation today. In fact, it was titled—for the first and only time—in 2018, when it was acquired by a friend of the original buyer, making for just one titled owner from new. Prior to that, the Countach had remained on its Lamborghini certificate of origin (a copy of which is on file).

Though reassembled, this car has still not been subjected to the rigors of road use. Today, its original Red paint shows beautifully, contrasting wonderfully with its stark White leather interior. As the car is believed to have seen fewer than 50 hours of sunlight (based on its extremely limited mileage and decades of indoor storage) since its initial delivery, its factory finishes present with the luster that only an original, unrestored, and like-new car possesses. The desirable, period-installed European-specification upgrades remain in place, benefitting the car both aesthetically and in terms of performance potential. It is accompanied now by tools, manuals, original purchase order and copy of Lamborghini certificate of origin, photos of the car when new, as well as the original fuel injection intake and fuel rails, wiring harness, and US-specification front bumper and engine cover. Completing the from-the-dealership presentation is a second set of keys, unused and complete with key code tags.

This time-capsule Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV is an all-but-unrepeatable opportunity for an enthusiast seeking one of the finest unrestored examples of one of history’s greatest supercars—an already rare machine made even more enticing by its intriguing backstory, its limited use, and its notable state of preservation. Never exhibited, or even offered for prior public sale, and having remained on its Lamborghini MSO for its first three decades, this is perhaps the closest one can come to buying a dealership-new 1988 Countach 5000 QV today!