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Monaco 2012

1987 Ducati 350 F3 Edizione Speciale


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Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



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Specifications: 349 cc SOHC Desmo V-twin, five speeds.

Japan was one of the biggest markets for Ducati in the 1980s but limited sport bikes to 400 cc, so smaller versions of the F1 were sold there as the F3 from 1986-88. A similar restriction in Italy was set at 350 cc, and a red and white F3 was sold there in, only available in 1986. The Japanese 400-cc F3 generated 45 horsepower, while the Italian 350 F3 made 42.5. Basic suspension was fitted to the little bikes: 35-mm Marzocchi forks and 260-mm dual discs with Brembo callipers. The two models each weighed 364 pounds, and the 350 F3 was tested at 110.8 mph, which is quite respectable. The bike for sale is a Special Edition in sound original condition, with handsome red and white paint and a dual seat.