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1974 Ducati 750 SS Corsa


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Specifications: 748 cc SOHC Desmo V-twin, five speeds.

The year 1975 was to be the deciding year for the 750 Super Sport in Italian production racing. The front row of race grids would frequently be all-750 affairs, and on one occasion 750 SS’s occupied six of the top 10 finishing spots, led by 1-2-3-4. Although the square case engine from the 860 GT was in production, most racers preferred the proven round-case engine, which was developed further throughout the year, with high-rise exhausts and improved brakes.

The year started providentially, with Franco Uncini joining Ducati’s Scuderia Spaggiari works team from Laverda, but the first win went to Carlo Saltarelli at Misano on 31 March. Giulio Sabatini shared wins with Uncini at the Trofeo Maximoto at Vallelunga on 25 April and 1 May, while at the Gino Magnani trophy race at Misano, Uncini, Sabatini and Adelio Faccioli went 1-2-3. The next race at Pergusa in Sicily was won by Raoul Martini on a 750 SS, and Saltarelli was 3rd.

Carlo Perugini joined Uncini and Sabatini for Vallelunga’s Kawasaki Trophy race on 7 September, winning from Sabatini. But 1975 was Uncini’s year. He won the Magnani Trophy race at Misano on 14 September and the Biaschelli Cup at Vallelunga on 28 September, edging out Sabattini. Uncini made sure of the Magnani Trophy with a win at Vallelunga on 19 October, and Ducati went 1-2-3, with Perugini and Sabattini behind him. Rounding out the top 10 were three 750 SS-mounted privateers, Faccioli, D’Angelo and Tiriticco.

Riding for Scuderia Tre Denare on NCR bikes, Faccioli would dominate 1976, winning both the Trofeo Nazionale Maximoto series and the Trofeo Gino Magnani series. But the first two races belonged to Carlo Saltarelli, who won at Vallelunga on 11 April, ahead of Faccioli, and beat Venanzi at the same track on 2 June. Raoul Martini won at Misano on 29 June.

Faccioli bounced back to win the Magnani Trophy race at Monza from D’Angelo on 19 September, and on 26 September he won the Junior National Championship final, ahead of D’Angelo, Tiriticco and Battaglini—all on 750s. Faccioli iced the championship at Vallelunga on 10 October, when the 750s went 1-2-3-4 once again, with Martini leading Faccioli, Baccante and Storti. The last Maximoto race was held at Vallelunga on 24 October, when Giorgio Baccante edged Faccioli, who had already won the championship.

By 1977, the opposition was getting its act together and Ducati victories were isolated, though the 750 SS remained a factor in worldwide races for several more years.

This bike is presented in extremely clean and sound condition, though it would require fettling before it could be used aggressively once more. According to the vendor, the frame is a works unit, though the engine is not for endurance races but is a special engine for speed events. The frame was originally number 02 and then was re-stamped to the above frame number for homologation purposes for racing. The engine is understood to be an early 750 GT unit.

The vendor states the bike is presented in as-raced condition with Marzocchi forks, AP Lockheed front brakes, Borrani alloy rims, Twin Dell’Orto 40-mm carburettors, racing exhaust, front oil cooler, Tommaselli handlebars and a Veglia competition tachometer, special valves, clutch and close-ratio gearbox. Its race results remain truly impressive.

Race Results

1976 Trofeo Magnani – Misano, 29 June – 1st place in 2nd race (136.309 km/h average ); retired in last race but fastest lap of the race at 138.443 km/h.

1976 Trofeo Gino Magnani – Vallelunga, 11 October – 4th place in first race, then retired in the final heat.

1976 Coppa Sidam – Vallelunga, 4 November – 2nd place overall.

1976 Trofeo Magnani – Monza, 19 September – 4th place in first race; DNF in the second race.