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Monaco 2012

1947 Ducati Cucciolo 48


€4,973 EUR | Sold

Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



Frame No.

Specifications: 48 cc OHV single cylinder, two speeds.

When the 48-cc Ducati Cucciolo was launched immediately after WWII it was an overnight success. More than 200,000 were sold by 1950, and bicycle makers were building bikes just to have the motor fitted to them. With a two-speed transmission, a Cucciolo-powered bicycle could manage 20 mph and travel 180 miles on a gallon of fuel. By the time production ended in 1955, the Cucciolo motor was installed in its own moped frame. The powered bicycle on offer is an older restoration which is well presented. It has dark red paint, good chrome, lights and a sprung front fork.