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Monaco 2012

1965 Ducati Brio


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Specifications: 100 cc single-cylinder two-stroke, fan-cooled, three speeds.

During the early 1960s Ducati endeavoured to broaden its product range by appealing to a wider market. Budget two-strokes were considered the most appropriate way to improve profitability, and intent on creating as many two-stroke variants as possible, the 48-cc fan-cooled engine was drafted into the Brio scooter and 3R Fattorino (“errand boy”) Carrier during 1963. Harking back to the ill-fated Cruiser of 1952, the Brio was a genuine scooter in the Vespa and Lambretta mould, while the Carrier was a commercial three-wheeler available in several guises.

The 48 Brio was released in 1963 and joined by the 100 in 1964. The 48 had a shorter rear engine cover and seat and larger diameter steel disc wheels, but it was similar to the 100 offered here. For 1966 the 100 Brio became the 100/25 (with a higher compression ratio), lasting until 1968, while the 48 Brio became the 50 Brio for 1967 (with a slightly larger 49.6-cc engine). Although the 100 Cadet and Mountaineer received a four-speed gearbox, all Brios remained three-speed throughout their life. This rare 1965 Brio 100 is in original and unrestored condition.