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Monaco 2012

1966 Ducati 250 Monza


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Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



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Specifications: 249 cc SOHC single.

The genesis of the Ducati 250 Monza was the very effective 250 F3 racer with which Franco Villa had dominated U.S. tracks in 1961. Despite the fact that virtually no engine parts were interchangeable, the F3 legend boosted sales of the touring Monza, the sporting Diana (Daytona in the UK) and the SCR scrambler. While the claim of 22 horsepower from the Monza’s SOHC engine seems optimistic, the bike was capable of about 80 mph, and it was well regarded. It was also a complete change in design from the 175 and 200 with different seat, tank and side panels. In 1964 all three models received five-speed transmissions, and in 1966 the angular tank and headlight nacelle styling was introduced as seen on this example. The silver Monza on offer presents well and is an older restoration with good paint and chrome.