Lot 175

Monaco 2012

1965 Ducati 100 Sport


€2,048 EUR | Sold

Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



Frame No.
DM 250748
Engine No.
DM 250926

Specifications: 98 cc SOHC single, four speeds.

The 100 Sport shares the engine dimensions of the race-winning Marianna and is the less common smaller sibling of the 125 Sport and Touring. It was introduced at the same time in September 1957 and shared the same SOHC engine design and four-speed transmission. For both economical and tax purposes, smaller engines were popular in Europe. Most of the industry was destroyed after World War II, and the shortages of jobs and financing meant mobility was difficult. The silver and blue bike on offer is an older restoration that presents well today and offers an exciting classic lightweight sports machine at a very attractive price point.