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Monaco 2012

1994 Bugatti EB110 GT


€220,000 - €260,000 EUR | Not Sold

Monaco | Monaco, Monaco



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561 bhp, 3.5-litre DOHC turbocharged and fuel injected V-12 engine, six-speed manual transaxle, four-wheel drive, independent front and rear suspension, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Wheelbase 2,552 mm (100.5")

• One of only 84 production Bugatti EB110 GTs built

• Designed by Marcello Gandini and Paolo Stanzani of Countach fame

• Zero to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds; top speed of 341 km/h

• Owners welcomed by Club Bugatti France

• Fresh from a major service

The Bugatti EB110 GT prototype was launched to great fanfare at Versailles on 11 Septembe 1991, more than a year before production cars could be delivered. Despite its remarkable 213 mph performance and price-no-object design, the car was launched during a worldwide economic recession, during which the market for expensive supercars quickly evaporated. When the company was dissolved and the assets sold to Jochen Dauer, just 115 cars had been built, including 84 EB110 GTs, as well as prototypes and racing variants. Dauer completed another 11 from partially completed cars as well.

Gandini and Stanzani developed the engine, an astonishing 561-horsepower with four turbos (an industry first), and revolutionised the modern super car market. It featured a V-12, DOHC fuel-injected, centrally located engine, a six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive. Aside from its multiple turbos, the EB110 was also the first production car with a fully carbon fibre chassis, and despite its sporting character, it also featured a sophisticated and roomy leather interior, air conditioning and very tractable road manners.

The car presented here is offered from private European ownership, where it has shared space with a 650-horsepower EB110 SS, among other valuable and historic motor cars. The owner has described his EB110 GT as mechanically perfect and its cosmetic condition as superb. Chassis no. 39052 was serviced in April, 2011 at B. Engineering in Campogalliano, Italy (which is staffed by the car’s original build team), at a cost of €11,800 ($15,575). The total mileage covered to date is only 16,250 kilometres (10,156 miles). Handsomely painted in silver with grey leather interior, this EB110 GT is a true collector car that will reward the sporting driver with useable performance that few cars can challenge, even today. Sold with its rare original built sheet, this fantastic Bugatti would complement the finest supercar collections.