Lot 7

Las Vegas

2022 Ferrari 812 Competizione


$1,765,000 USD | Sold

United States | Las Vegas, Nevada



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  • The ultimate evolution of the front-engine V-12 Ferrari
  • Finished in menacing matte black with striking yellow detailing over an Alcantara Nero interior featuring coordinated yellow contrast stitching and striping
  • Outfitted with more than $150,000 in factory options and equipment
  • Showroom condition, showing just 354 miles at cataloguing time and offered for the first time at auction
  • Quite possibly the final, non-hybrid naturally aspirated V-12 Ferrari

The Ferrari 812 Superfast made its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The successor to the F12berlinetta, the new 812 Superfast—marketed by Maranello as “the fastest and most powerful Ferrari yet”—filled the role as Ferrari’s two-seat, front-engine V-12, rear-wheel-drive grand tourer flagship. It more than lived up to its evocative name: Upon release, some commentators in the automotive media aptly and without irony deemed it “too fast” for roadgoing enjoyment.

Despite these declarations, Ferrari pushed the performance threshold even further with the introduction of the Competizione model, a limited-production coupe that fully assumed the mantle of preceding grand-touring giants, the 599 GTO and F12tdf. Its 6.5-liter engine was upgraded with lighter internals, a new cylinder head, and reduced friction between the moving parts, allowing for a stratospheric 9,500-rpm redline. As a result, output reached a stratospheric 819 horsepower. A quick-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch transmission sent power to the rear axle. Obvious even at a glance, great effort was taken to control airflow around the car with sculptural aerodynamic elements on every panel. One of the most distinctive touches involved removing the rear windscreen to make way for a solid panel with a series of curved extensions designed to guide airflow toward the beautifully integrated rear deck-lid spoiler. Further sharpening this track weapon’s handling, a steering system on the rear wheels works independently of the front wheels to provide otherworldly stability during high-yaw and braking events.

Fundamentally, the 812 Competizione represents the ultimate evolution of Ferrari’s front-engine V-12 model and stands as a testament to what can be achieved when pure performance is the overriding goal and purpose. These qualities ensured that the 812 Competizione would be an instant classic straight out of Maranello’s factory gate.

Completed in March 2022, the Ferrari 812 Competizione offered here is even more remarkable—a truly bespoke creation featuring more than $150,000 of factory options, many of them custom, reflected on the window sticker. The exterior is gorgeously finished in special-order “off-catalogue” matte black with a Fly Yellow center stripe. Yellow brake calipers further highlight the color contrast from behind exquisitely crafted 20-inch carbon-fiber wheels. Even the Pirrelli P Zero tires feature yellow detailing in their sidewall script to compliment the scheme. Carbon fiber features prominently throughout, including on the engine cover, front air vents, rear diffuser, and filter box. Meanwhile, the Alcantara Nero interior mirrors the exterior with contrasting stripes of yellow leather and stitching. The lower door covers, inner door handle, instrument cover, upper center console, steering wheel, and dash inserts are all finished in carbon fiber as well. A passenger display, Apple Carplay, and a high-fidelity sound system provide the occupants with additional creature comforts while the suspension lift system eases urban navigation.

With a mere 354 miles showing on the odometer at the time of cataloging, this exemplary 812 Competizione presents in showroom condition and is believed to have never been offered at auction before. Quite possibly the final non-hybrid naturally aspirated V-12 Ferrari, the 812 Competizione is a fitting finale to one of the automotive world’s most coveted models, continuing the legacy of the revered 599 GTO and F12tdf and viewed by many as the ultimate masterpiece, the holy grail of naturally aspirated V-12 Ferraris. With collectors increasingly prioritizing color choice in their acquisitions, this example will surely stand out for years to come as a covetable classic, thanks to its highly unique matte-black paintwork and uniquely selected features.