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London 2018

2008 Sbarro Espera Genesis

The Weird & Wonderful Collection


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United Kingdom | London, United Kingdom



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  • A radical one-off concept car by design students
  • Aggressive, angular styling mated with classic design cues
  • PSA V-6 engine with manual transmission

The Sbarro Espera School of Automotive Design was created by the renowned Swiss designer Franco Sbarro over two decades ago. With the world of modern automotive design seemingly overrun by sterilized designs based on safety and emissions requirements, Sbarro Espera Futura’s mission is to foster creative ideas and return a bit of creativity and, dare we say, wildness, to automobiles. Students come to Espera Sbarro from all over the world, and a period of 10 months are taught all the basic aspects of automotive technology and design, culminating in the creation of one-off automotive design studies. The automobile offered here, the 2008 Sbarro Espera Genesis, is one of these design studies.

Designed for the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, the Genesis is a radical one-off design study created by the Espera Sbarro class of 2007–2008. Clearly an amalgamation of 1930s hot rod design with the classic European sports racer, the Genesis is a two-seat roadster with no provision for a top. The body, with very sharp, angular lines, is constructed from high-tech synthetic materials built up over a welded steel tube frame. It is powered by a PSA V-6 engine, commonly found in luxury passenger cars from Peugeot, Citroën and Renault. It is mated to an automatic gearbox.

After achieving proper registration, this could make a stunning road car for someone who seeks individuality. The Genesis is, without question, a testament to the world of possibilities in modern automotive design. Dynamic styling was once prevalent in the world of road-going production cars and, as the Genesis shows, it can be that way again.