Lot 437

Hershey 2023

1935 Cadillac V-8 Convertible Coupe by Fisher


$126,500 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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Canadian Registration
  • Elegant coachwork on the 136-inch-wheelbase Series 20 chassis
  • One of fewer than 10 surviving examples
  • Formerly owned by Tenny Natkin, David Kane, and Steve Plunkett
  • Older CCCA Senior Premier winner
  • Ideal for vintage touring and CCCA CARavans

Already known worldwide for exceptional engineering and superb build quality, Cadillac stepped into the world of aeronautic-inspired design soon after the stock market crash of 1929.

By 1935, when the car offered here was built, Cadillac was producing some of the finest streamlined luxury cars ever made. With an eye for detail, it managed to improve performance, reduce wind and road noise, and give its cars a timeless look by concealing many of the external features within the bodywork. In addition, both the radiator and windshield were set at a decided rake, giving the car the appearance of travelling at great speed even while at rest. Clearly, the designers at Cadillac knew how to make the most of every line, every detail, and the 355D Convertible Coupe on the 136-inch-wheelbase Series 20 chassis could easily be considered among its finest accomplishments of the prewar era.

One of fewer than 10 remaining in existence, the example offered here was originally delivered in Cleveland, Ohio, finished in “P.S. Pearlite to Match Shadow Metallic,” and equipped with dual side-mounted spares and whitewall tires. It was formerly owned for many years by the longtime Classic Car Club of America member Tenny Natkin, who later sold it to respected collector and enthusiast David Kane of New Jersey.

Mr. Kane researched the car and was able to identify it as a 1935 model, although at some previous point it had been fitted with the more attractive 1934 “biplane” bumpers. He later sold the car to a longtime friend, after which it passed into the hands of noted Cadillac historian and collector Steve Plunkett in 2008. Mr. Plunkett kept the car for a decade, meticulously sorting it mechanically, including rebuilding many of the ancillary components and installing carefully concealed turn signals, as well as a Pertronix electronic ignition. While it wears an older restoration, the car remains attractive and greatly benefits from an illustrious ownership history with fastidious care.

Under current ownership since January 2020, this Cadillac is recognized as a CCCA Full Classic. A superb V-8 Cadillac with exceptional proportions, graceful lines, and stirring performance, this Convertible Coupe is ideal for taking on CARavan tours.