Lot 205

Hershey 2023

1922 Pierce-Arrow Model 33 Enclosed Drive Limousine

Offered from the Grand Canyon Collection


$20,900 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
US Title
  • Unrestored and presented in wonderfully original condition
  • Long rumored to have been owned by Babe Ruth
  • Equipped with distinctive period options including a Yankee pin-stripe-style interior, cigar smoke vent, and a special liquor compartment
  • Recognized as a CCCA Full Classic
  • From the estate of well-regarded American classic car collector Conrad Fletcher

Pierce-Arrow has long been recognized for its contributions to both luxury material and performance development. Hugely influential during its peak in the early 20th century, the marque can be credited with innovations such as power braking, as well as significant early research in light alloy construction, aerodynamics, and power steering. Pushing the boundaries of what a passenger automobile could offer contributed to a steep price tag for its offerings. Therefore, much of Pierce-Arrow’s clientele came from the upper echelon of American society, including sports and Hollywood stars, business executives, and heads of state.

The flagship Model 33 was no different, as it offered the ultimate version of Pierce-Arrow’s massive six-cylinder engine. Thanks to its dual-valve cylinder head layout, the driver could flip a switch on the dash to set it to run on either left or right sets of spark plugs, or both simultaneously for maximum output of an estimated 100 horsepower. Other improvements to the chassis, brakes, and steering made for an effortless drive, worthy of its hefty initial base price of $6,500.

This particular Model 33 received luxurious Enclosed Drive Limousine coachwork from the factory and features a few unusual options within the rear of the cabin. Behind the thick divider window that separates the driver from the passengers, the sumptuous interior is lined in Yankee pinstripe-style upholstery and equipped with a cigar smoke vent in the roof as well as a special liquor compartment that still holds a well-aged bottle of bourbon. These unique features helped perpetuate long-held undocumented rumors that this striking Limousine was once owned by renowned baseball player and Pierce-Arrow enthusiast Babe Ruth.

Most recently, this Pierce-Arrow has been lovingly cared for within single-family ownership for nearly 50 years before being sold in 2020 to the highly regarded American classic car collector Conrad Fletcher. To this day, it remains in greatly original condition and holds coveted Classic Car Club of America Full Classic status. A well-known and discussed Pierce-Arrow, this Enclosed Drive Limousine is a true American icon not to be missed.