Lot 367

Hershey 2022

1956 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner


$94,600 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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US Title
  • One of only 603 “glass top” Crown Victorias built in 1956
  • Beautifully restored to concours quality by Crown Victoria expert Dan Pixler
  • Formerly of the Jeffery Day and John Woodhead collections
  • Heavily optioned, including factory air conditioning and rare zip-in sunshade
  • A Crown Victoria Association Best of Show winner

Debuting in 1954 as the Fairlane Victoria Coupe model, Ford moved the “bubbletop” upmarket in 1955, making it a variant of the new, top-of-the-line Fairlane Crown Victoria—which also sported a chrome roof band dubbed the “tiara” or “basket handle.” This final version of the Skyliner saw production of 1,999 units in 1955 and another 603 in 1956, after which the glass roof became a thing of futures past. Of the 603 Skyliners produced in 1956, few remain. The rarest and most desirable of all Crown Victorias, they are one of the most fiercely sought-after Fords produced during a remarkable decade.

Among those who sought one was Dan Pixler, of Luana, Iowa. Mr. Pixler, a professional auto-body man, has been a longtime member and judge of the Ford Crown Victoria Association and is a well-known authority in Crown Victoria authenticity and restoration. The Skyliner offered here was Mr. Pixler’s personal car, much of which he restored himself. Finished to concours quality throughout, it wears beautiful Sunset Coral paint over straight body panels that have outstanding fit and finish. Its interior appears nearly new, and the correctly detailed undercarriage and engine bay are immaculate. Even the manifolds were porcelain-coated.

Options abound, such as front and rear “nerf bar” bumper protectors, a dual exhaust, an original Ford Continental kit, front and rear stone guards, stainless rocker-panel moldings, fender skirts with stone guards, power brakes, power steering, a four-way power seat, power windows, map lights, a tissue dispenser, a rear window defroster, an AM radio with rear speaker, an under-hood trouble light, stainless wire hubcaps, and wide whitewall bias-ply tires. This car also features two very important accessories: a zip-in sunshade, which is correct for the car but almost never found on restored examples, and factory Select Aire air conditioning.

Few Skyliners have been taken to this lofty level, and fewer still are so heavily optioned with correct factory and dealer accessories. Regarded as one of the finest “glass tops” remaining, that it has been maintained in such a wonderful, high-point condition for nearly four decades, obsessively maintained by Mr. Pixler and the successive owner, is all the more impressive.

Under the current ownership as of 2022, the brake system was rebuilt, the differential was resealed, and the hydraulic steering lines were replaced. In addition, four new tires were fitted along with new rear shocks.

For the buyer seeking one of the most famous, scarcest, and desirable Fords of the 1950s, there is simply no better option.