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Hershey 2017

1919 Studebaker Light Six Touring


$14,300 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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  • Very rare Nickel Era Studebaker
  • Largely original appearance throughout
  • Surely to be the only one of its kind on tour or show

Established as a buggy company before the Civil War, Studebaker entered the automobile business in 1904, building bodies for chassis supplied by Garford of Elyria, Ohio. By 1913, the company was building its own cars, beginning a tradition of well-built automobiles from South Bend, Indiana, that would continue for the next 51 years. By the time Studebaker moved to Canada in 1964, it was the country’s oldest automobile manufacturer and among the longest-lived car builders in the world.

The bread-and-butter of the Studebaker line in the late Teens and early 1920s was the Light Six, with a 60-hp L-head engine and comfortable modern bodywork, of which more than 200,000 were produced.

The Light Six touring offered here has a period-correct appearance in tan with black fenders and polished wooden artillery wheels, and is accessorized with nickel double-bar bumpers, a MotoMeter, and double rear-mounted spares, providing a jaunty look and feel. Its finishes throughout are older with significant patina, and the engine, chassis, and drivetrain, in particular, appear original. Most of the dashboard appears original, with instruments that do not appear to have been restored or removed from the car. The interior is upholstered in vinyl with a wonderful solid wood steering wheel.

Nickel Era Studebakers are extraordinarily rare today, even among the museums that honor the marque. This particular car would therefore be a wonderful addition to any automobile collection, particularly one honoring what was, for many years, America’s oldest car company.