Lot 126

Hershey 2017

1928 Whippet Model 98 Coupe


$8,800 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Identification no.
  • Offered from the Jim & Sandy Hall and H.B. Carroll Collections
  • Popular Willys “companion car”
  • Older restoration

Sometimes considered a “companion car” for John North Willys’ Overland, the Whippet was quite a different machine and became the Overland’s successor. Introduced in July 1926 as a 1927 model, it was 200 lbs. lighter than the equivalent four-cylinder Overland, but had a quarter-inch longer wheelbase. Its engine, however, was a dramatic advance, and while it was smaller than the Overland’s, it developed the same power and had the advantages of full-pressure oiling and pump-circulated cooling. In fact, the engine was so sturdy that it evolved into the powerplant for the Jeep more than a decade later.

The Whippet was the right car at the right time, and with the addition of a six-cylinder model became the third-best-selling marque in 1928. Whippet lost out to Essex only by a hair in 1929.

This Model 98 six-cylinder Whippet is an older restoration, green body over black fenders, and black Naugahyde roof. It is of good quality, but has suffered a few blemishes over the years. The seat is upholstered in pleated checkered mohair. Accessories include dual side-mount spares, a rear-mounted trunk, and a through-the-windshield spotlight of the type popularized by Floyd Clymer. In addition to the external trunk, there is a capacious luggage compartment at the rear of the body.

The engine compartment is generally clean and correctly set out, though not excessively detailed. The car has not run in some time, so a thorough recommissioning should be carried out before returning it to the road.