Lot 160

Hershey 2015

1913 Stevens-Duryea Model C-Six Five-Passenger Touring


$126,500 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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  • One of nine known surviving 1913 Stevens-Duryeas
  • Formerly owned by HCCA founder Arthur Twohy and Edward French
  • Known history since the 1930s; always a complete, well-kept car
  • Active in national and regional tours for nearly 80 years

44.6 hp (ALAM), 460 cu. in. L-head inline six-cylinder engine with dual ignition, three-speed manual transmission, semi-elliptical front and three-quarter elliptical rear leaf-spring suspension, and rear-wheel mechanical drum brakes. Wheelbase: 131 in.

The car shown here, chassis number 26200, is one of seven surviving short-wheelbase Stevens-Duryea Model C-Six cars. Its earliest known owner was Arthur Twohy, of California, who was the co-founder and inaugural president of the Horseless Carriage Club of America. The HCCA’s first Gazette was published in November 1938, and in May 1939, Mr. Twohy was listed as owning this car, which participated in an HCCA field day at a GM plant in Southern California. Thus, this Stevens-Duryea has, quite literally, participated in “the hobby” since its earliest days! Mr. Twohy considered the car a jewel of his collection, to the point that he wrote to the elderly J. Frank Duryea inquiring about literature. The car was even reported to have once been used by Woodrow Wilson, which may just be something that is just a good story.

Mr. Twohy eventually sold his Stevens-Duryea to Edward French, of San Ysidro, California, who was another early and active HCCA member. In July 1968, he drove the car in the Transcontinental Tour between New York and San Francisco, among other journeys; remarkably, the car was actually driven by Mr. French from California to New York, then back across the U.S.! He was quoted in the July 6, 1968, issue of The Desert News as saying that the only trouble he had since leaving San Ysidro was three flat tires and also that he could cruise in the car at 50 mph on the freeway.

Mr. French owned his Stevens-Duryea until well into the 1970s, at which point it was acquired by another noted collector, the late Jasper Wiglesworth of Kansas. It later passed to David Noran, of Kentucky, who owned the car and was very active with it until it was acquired by its present family in 1997.

The owner notes that the car was a very solid and always properly maintained example, and having been in California likely since new, it never required a complete restoration. It was refinished in its present light grey, with burgundy accents and factory-fitted brass trim, which is in beautiful condition. It is believed that the interior is either original or a Classic Era replacement. In its present ownership, a complete mechanical rebuild, including the engine, transmission, and rear axle, was completed by Dennis Newman, of Clio, Michigan. The powerful six-cylinder engine features twin ignitions by magneto and coil, with two spark plugs per cylinder, and while the factory-fitted compressed air starting system does work, a 12-volt electric starter has been fitted for ease of operation. The owners have participated with the car in numerous AACA Reliability Tours and other events.

This very well-known automobile has been actively toured now for some 70 years, and it remains an ideal candidate for club travels, continuing a wonderful tradition.