Lot 380

The Guyton Collection

1930 Stutz Model M Two-Passenger Speedster by LeBaron


$145,600 USD | Sold

United States | St. Louis, Missouri



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  • Very attractive original coachwork; wonderful authenticity
  • Formerly owned by James G. Groendyk, Irving Davis, and Charles Jones
  • One of the earliest Senior cars in the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA)
  • Ideal to freshen for tours and CARavans
  • CCCA Full Classic

This lovely Full Classic Stutz is one of very few known surviving 1930 models with this two-passenger speedster body, a roadster by any other name, produced for the Stutz factory as a “catalogue custom” by the famed LeBaron. Interestingly, the body bears the same badging and body number plates as LeBaron Marmon and Duesenberg bodies of the same era.

The speedster was acquired in 1948 or 1949 from Al Hood of Wycoff, New Jersey, by James G. Groendyk, a very early member of the Classic Car Club of America. Mr. Groendyk and his son, James W., also a CCCA member, undertook a complete restoration to the standard of the time, acquiring a low-mileage, correct spare engine to replace the damaged original unit, and finishing the body in red with a light cream top and upholstery. The completed car was exhibited in early Grand Classics, and at Morristown, New Jersey, in 1956 received its Senior badge, only the 27th awarded. Four years later it was one of several cars from the Groendyk collection featured with their nattily attired owner in Quaker State advertisements.

By 1976 the car had been refinished in these more period-correct hues, Primrose Yellow with Avocado fenders and trim and orange wheels. It was sold that year in the Tampa, Florida, area to Irving Davis, another Stutz enthusiast in Beverly Hills, California, and then in 1983 to Bobbie Crump of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While owned by Mr. Crump the car was exhibited alongside many other fine Classics in his Cars of Yesteryear Museum, as well as used for the ceremony introducing the U.S. postage stamp featuring the Stutz Bearcat on 11 June 1985.

When Mr. Crump divested his collection, the Stutz returned to California in the hands of Charles Jones of Woodland, who proudly displayed it in concours and Stutz Club events. Following Mr. Jones’ passing, Fred Guyton acquired the car, via a friend in St. Louis, in 1996.

Aside from its cosmetic restoration in the 1970s, much of the finish on this Stutz is still the original workmanship provided by the Groendyk family; Mr. Guyton, in notes he made on his collection, noted that it “is still a nice car,” and that it is. The paintwork is solid and intact throughout, and the interior still in very good overall condition with only minor age and cracking that does little to detract from its appearance. The finishes under the hood are authentic and tidy, with the original number tags appearing on the firewall and engine. Charming accessories include the correct folding windshield, for a truly sporty appearance, as well as dual driving lights, dual side-mounted spares with pedestal mirrors, and a trunk with three pieces of fitted luggage. Accompanying the car is an original 1930 Stutz catalogue.

Any member of the CCCA with an appreciation for history should also appreciate this Stutz – the story of which literally goes back to the Club’s earliest days. It is a truly special automobile deserving of the great names who have enjoyed it for the last 70 years.