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1959 Bond Minicar Mk F


$11,500 USD | Sold

United States | Madison, Georgia



ID No.


Manufacturer: Sharp’s Commercials

Origin: Preston, England

Production: 7,000

Motor: Villiers 2-cyl, 2-stroke

Displacement: 246 cc

Power: 12 hp

Length: 11 ft.

Identification No. K62284

The new Mark E was a complete departure from previous models, as it abandoned the monocoque structure used on all Minicars for a steel box-section chassis, which was riveted to the underside of the aluminum body. This rigid frame permitted a full width, streamlined body design with opening doors. The new car now weighed 620 pounds, but it was still powered by the Mark D’s motor, giving a serious decline in performance.

The new Mark F range, announced in late-1958, got a complete overhaul based on the highly regarded, new, streamlined body shell. Power issues were addressed with a new Villiers Mk 31A engine with a four-speed gearbox, giving the car a top speed of 55 mph. All models now had the Dynastart fitted.

Three models were offered: the Mk F Tourer, the Mark F Saloon Coupe, and the Mk F Four-Seater Family Saloon. The first two were identical to the E, except for the motor, and the family model looked the same as the coupe but had the inside rear deck cut back to allow a hammock-type children’s seat to be fitted. A Mk F Ranger van came in 1960, and it became the most popular of all of Sharps’ commercials. This largely original Mk F Saloon Coupe is green with a cream top, and it is unabashedly showing its age and originality, leaving a challenging decision for the new owner as to whether it should be preserved or restored.