Lot 331

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum

1960 King Midget Trainer


$3,450 USD | Sold

United States | Madison, Georgia



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Addendum: Please note that the King was built in Athens, Ohio not Athens, Georgia as stated in the catalogue. Also, please note that this vehicle is offered on a bill of sale only.


Manufacturer: Midget Motors Manufacturing

Origin: Athens, Georgia, U.S.A.

Production: 5,000 (all models)

Motor: B&S 1-cyl., 4-stroke

Displacement: 300 cc

Power: 3 hp

Length: 6 ft.

Identification No. N/A

The King Midget car kits were only a portion of Midget Motors’ activities. They augmented the sale of the Midget Motors Directory and the manufacturing and sales of the motor scooter. The Directory was a bi-monthly booklet that advertised army surplus materials like wheels and tires, as well as used engines of various sizes and makes. Midget Motors also built the Super-Cycle scooter in two versions. The Deluxe was powered by a 2 1/4 horsepower motor and went 35 mph. The six horsepower Highway Master comfortably went 45–50 mph.

Another interesting area in which Midget Motors was involved was the manufacture and sales of driver training vehicles. These took the form of a kart-like open chassis with rudimentary bench seating. Two models were produced, the King Midget Junior and the King Midget Trainer. The Junior was smaller, at 67 inches long and powered by a 2¼ horsepower B&S engine, and was readily identified by the tubular “fence” around the front. The similar Trainer was larger, at six feet, and was open at the front. Both had an automatic clutch with reverse. This well-restored Trainer from the collection sports the later, fully rounded cycle fenders and is beautifully restored in red.