Lot 203

Arizona 2017

1954 Kleinschnittger F125


$29,700 USD | Sold

United States | Phoenix, Arizona



Chassis No.
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  • Formerly owned by noted microcar collector Bruce Weiner
  • Recent repaint and restoration
  • Only 71,428 kilometers, believed to be original

6 hp, 123 cc two-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder engine, three-speed manual transmission, independent rubber band suspension, and four-wheel cable brakes. Wheelbase: 66.9 in.

Meet the mighty Kleinschnittger F125 and all six horsepower of unbridled fury.

Produced in Arnsberg, Germany, between April 1950 and August 1957, this microcar oddity weighs in at a featherweight 150 kilograms (330 pounds). Hand-hammered aluminum panels and a steel tubular Wachtendord & Schmidt chassis make up the eight-foot, eight-inch long by three-foot, nine-inch wide diminutive F125. Employing leftovers from the Second World War, ex-army cooking pots cut into quarters formed the basis for the molds of the front fender curve. Each of the four wheels features fully independent rubber band suspension.

The 123-cubic centimeter ILO two-stroke, air-cooled engine sends power through a three-speed gearbox to the front wheels. Given the correct conditions, an adventurous individual can theoretically attain a maximum speed of 70 km/h. Although, factory figures provide a more conservative 50–55 cruising speed. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the F125, a fuel consumption rating of 1 gallon per 113 miles, allows a range of almost 170 miles using every drop in the 1.5 gallon fuel tank.

This 1954 model was the subject of a very high-standard restoration in 1996. All-new body panels were manufactured and installed where necessary, in addition to a fresh coat of attention-grabbing red paint and a re-trimming in black vinyl using the original thatch straw filling in the seat squab. The vehicle also received a brand new hood and a set of new old-stock Continental tires. The vehicle has since been on a display within a private residence for almost 20 years after being purchased from the Bruce Weiner Microcar Collection in 1997.

More recently in the past year, the Kleinschnittger was disassembled and re-painted. The engine received an overhaul and was removed, re-sealed, and tuned. The carburetor was rebuilt, and a new air filter was sourced. Most importantly, the rubber suspension and steering link were replaced. Kleinschnittger expert Martin Kricke in Germany provided all of the parts and schematics utilized in this most recent restoration. Finally, a new hood latch and straps were sourced, as were new whitewall tires. A well-cared-for example for its entire life, this F125 once belonged to a friend of the late Paul Kleinschnittger’s wife and comes with German registration documents in his name.

An intriguing microcar to say the least, this Kleinschnittger is sure to delight for years to come.