Lot 168

Amelia Island 2018

1994 Porsche 911 Turbo S X85 'Flachbau'

Exclusively Porsche – The 964 Collection


$654,000 USD | Sold

United States | Amelia Island, Florida



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  • Exclusively Porsche - The 964 Collection
  • One of only 39 U.S.-spec "Flat-Nose" Turbo S coupes
  • 28,784 original miles
  • Speed Yellow over Black leather
  • Matching-numbers drivetrain
  • Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

As Porsche wound down production of its 964 Turbo in late 1993, a final batch of uncommitted coupes was sent over to Porsche Exclusive for conversion to "S" specification. That meant they were all equipped with the "Works Increased Horsepower" X88 engine option, uprated with a larger KKK turbocharger with increased boost, a more efficient intercooler, modified cylinder heads with larger ports, increased-capacity fuel injectors, and more radical camshafts with advanced engine timing.

The M64/50S X88 was an air-cooled flat-six which delivered 385 hp at 5,750 rpm, 25 more horses than the standard 3.6 Turbo. Torque was increased to 384 foot-pounds and was available much lower in the rev range, which helped resolve the lack of urge at lower boost levels. All the X88 engines carried that special designation stamped on their alloy case, and it is believed that just 155 of these engines were produced. Power was fed through a G50 five-speed manual transaxle with a ZF-sourced 40 percent locking differential. These cars were all fitted with standard 3.6 Turbo suspension, including 21- and 22-mm anti-roll bars in front and rear, respectively; and Boge shocks and struts. Engineer/racer Roland Kussmaul lowered the ride height by about an inch and a half to enhance handling.

Porsche produced these special 964-based Turbo S coupes in several distinct varieties. Besides the standard Turbo S, there would be four different "Exclusive" special versions, depending on where they were to be sold; these were designated as Option X83, X84, and X85, the last of which was available in two flavors. Most, but not all, were given variations of the exotic, hand-fabricated, and thus very expensive 935-like "Flat-Nose" bodywork. There were 10 X83s sold to Japan, 27 X84s offered to "Rest of the World" buyers, and 39 examples of the X85 version with flat-nose front ends were sold to the U.S. An additional 17 X85s were delivered with standard 964 Turbo sheet-metal and vertical headlights.

The American-market Turbo S coupes ordered with the X85 "Flat-Nose" option added an additional $60,000 to the Turbo's $99,000 base price. These incorporated 928/968-style retractable but uncovered "flounder" headlamps; standard Turbo sheet-metal, asymmetrical 959-style air intakes on both rear quarter-panels, a special front air splitter, a louvered rear wing that enclosed the intercooler, quadruple exhaust tips, and 18-inch-diameter "Speedline for Porsche" modular light-alloy wheels, 8-in. wide in front and 10-in. in the rear, shod respectively with 225/40 and 265/35 high-performance tires. The 17 U.S.-spec Turbo S X85 coupes built with the "Flat-Nose Delete" option, also known as "Package" cars, are identifiable by standard vertical headlights and small DOT-mandated front rubber bumperettes. All, of course, retained the powerful X88 engine, derived from the IMSA 3.6 race motors built by Andial for Florida-based Brumos Racing for the Bridgestone North American Supercar series. All of these Turbo S variants are brilliant performers, serving up sub-four-second 0-60 acceleration times and covering a standing quarter-mile in about 12 seconds.

Offered here is a stunning U.S.-specification X85 "Flat-Nose" Turbo S in Speed Yellow over black leather upholstery, black carpeting, and black headliner. All X85s were heavily optioned; this one is factory equipped with an electric sunroof, power windows, air conditioning, rear wiper, headlight washers, a four-tip exhaust, velour-lined front trunk, a stereo entertainment system, and an additional oil cooler. The engine cover is adorned with black "Turbo S" script. This example is equipped with Porsche's highly regarded "Big Red" four-wheel disc brakes behind a set of polished three-piece "Speedline for Porsche" light alloy wheels and high-performance Michelin tires.

The consignor, a prominent collector of high-performance Porsches, acquired this car in March 2015. He states that he spent "a year and a fortune having all of the car's mechanicals completely cleaned and refurbished, all fasteners plated, the top end of the motor rebuilt, induction system rebuilt, and the brakes, wheels, and suspension completely refurbished to show car standards. There is an extensive list of everything that was done, although a quick inspection will be self-evident."

The consignor also notes that this car has been driven regularly to ensure that all systems are working properly and will be fully serviced prior to sale by a trained Porsche technician. The odometer read 28,784 original miles at the time of cataloguing. This car is supplied with a factory tool roll, collapsible spare tire and compressor, work gloves, original owner's manual, warranty book, and maintenance guide.

Since very few of these special X85-option high-performance 964 Turbo S coupes were produced, they are much sought after today by knowledgeable enthusiasts. This excellent example has been well cared for and would make a fine addition to any collection of limited-edition Porsches.