Lot 025

Aalholm Automobile Collection

1924 Ballot 2LT Open-Drive Limousine by Million-Guiet & Cie


kr.196,000 DKK | Sold

Denmark | Nysted, Denmark



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Million-Guiet SA were Parisian carriage makers who made the transition to automobile bodies around 1900. Their specialty was deluxe bodies for prestige makes like Hispano-Suiza, Voisin and, in this case, Ballot. This car is an older restoration.

Million-Guiet SA var parisiske vognmagere, som gik over til bilkarosserier i 1900. Deres speciale var luksuskarosserier til prestigemærker som Hispano-Suiza, Voisin og, i dette tilfælde, Ballot. Denne bil er en ældre istandsættelse.