Lot 6150

Auburn Fall 2020

1938 Chevrolet Master Coach Custom


$18,700 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana



Chassis No.
  • A unique Chevy with a fascinating history and build
  • Very subtle custom modifications
  • Later 250-cu.in. engine and Turbo-Hydramatic chassis
  • Numerous upgraded chassis components
  • Formerly owned by Grammy award-winning performer Ray Lamontagne

According to previous owners, this 1938 Chevrolet was owned by the same GM dealership from new until 2016, when it was sold for the first time to a private individual. Having been in storage for all of its life, following some 38,000 miles in use by the dealership’s staff, it had aged and deteriorated, so was professionally refinished and fitted with a new interior and fresh chrome trim.

Due to the lack of use, the original engine had developed internal issues, and so a 250-cu.in. inline six was fitted, enhanced with a crankshaft running on seven main bearings, hydraulic lifters with stamped and stud-mounted rocker arms, a better combustion chamber, cast-in bell-housing, harmonic damper with cast-in pulleys, HEI ignition, and an alternator charging system. This engine was mated to a three-speed, floor-shifted Turbo-Hydramatic, while under the car a new Mustang II-style sub frame was swapped in along with tubular upper and lower control arms, anti-sway bar, ventilated disc brakes, and power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering, for a nearly modern driving experience. All brake and suspension components were replaced, a polyurethane fuel tank fitted, and radial tires installed, for safe road operation. Reportedly some $65,000 was invested into the build, with the end result being a vintage Chevrolet unlike any other!

Acquired by the current owner following time in the collection of Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, Ray Lamontagne, this tasteful custom remains in excellent overall condition and would be a great ‘cruiser’ this Fall.