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8 December 2012
Lot 109

1939 Hotchkiss W15T 6x6 Prime Mover


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United States | Auburn, Indiana



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Manufacturer: Hotchkiss & Co., St. Denis (Seine), France

Production Year: 1939

Engine: Hotchkiss 486 ohv, 2.3-liter, 52-hp, liquid-cooled, four-cylinder, gasoline

Transmission: Four-speed: four forward, one reverse

Length: 15-feet, 5-1/2-inches

Width: 6-feet, 4-inches

Height: 6-feet, 6-1/2-inches (to top of cargo area bonnet)

Weight: Approximately 3.5-tons

Armor: None

Armament: None

Maximum Road Speed: 50-mph

Crew: Two

Wheelbase: 94-inches

Markings: German 257th Infantry Division, Infantry Battalion

The Hotchkiss W15T Prime Mover was a Laffly design that entered production in 1936. Hotchkiss and Laffly were pioneers of French high-mobility light and medium six-wheel drive cross-country vehicles. They were based, in part, on the Austrian ADG design of Austro-Daimler. The Hotchkiss W15T utilized a four-speed gearbox in conjunction with dual-range transfer boxes. Drive was by individual propeller shafts and there was independent suspension on all six wheels. The front wheels had coil springs while the rear wheels had leaf spring suspension. The Hotchkiss W15T had a bumper wheel assembly at the front of the chassis and similar sized auxiliary wheels just behind the front axle. This unique French design protected the radiator and drive-train and prevented the vehicle from digging its nose into the ground. The Hotchkiss W15T was designed as a tractor for the French Model 1937 47-mm anti-tank gun along with ammunition and gun crew. A number of the 6x6 Laffly/ Hotchkiss models were exported to Afghanistan, Persia and Greece. Hotchkiss also built ambulances with box-van bodies on the same 6x6 chassis. Most of the Hotchkiss 6x6 W15Ts were captured and used by the German Army.