Lot 211

London 2023

1927 Amilcar C6


£161,000 GBP | Sold

United Kingdom Flag | London, United Kingdom



Chassis No.
11032 [See text]
Engine No.
90032 [See text]
Bill of Sale Only
  • A rare and handsome pre-war voiturette
  • Powered by a supercharged 1,094-cc straight-six engine
  • Campaigned extensively by long-term owner Bob Graves
  • Offered following 41 years of same-family ownership
  • Accompanied by large selection of spare parts
Please note if this vehicle is exported outside of the UK an export license will be required.

After being discovered behind the Iron Curtain, this Amilcar—along with a second chassis—is understood to have been exported from East Berlin via Switzerland prior to being sold to Morris Frost of Florida, where a restoration was carried out prior to the car being used on the road. A cracked engine block eventually took the car out of commission, and it was sold to a motor museum. The car was eventually bought from the museum by British motor dealer, Dan Margulies, before being sold to a German client who then tasked pre-war specialist Keith Butti, trading as Tomkyns of Essex, with carrying out a rebuild. It was subsequently acquired by Tomkyns prior to being sold, in partially rebuilt condition, to Cosworth Director Bob Graves in 1982.

Amilcar chassis of this period were not stamped—rather, the car was given a serial number beginning with “11” that corresponds with the latter portion of the engine number. In this case, the car originally bearing engine “90032” would have been designated “11032”. At some point, this chassis has been stamped with the engine number. The rear axle is a replacement, while the body displays no number.

The original engine was found to be damaged beyond repair, so new iron castings were commissioned to replace both block and cylinder head, with the work carried out by Grainger & Worrall. The original identification plaque was transferred to the new engine, along with the unit’s camshafts, magneto, water pump, and timing gears. The gearbox casing was replaced with an entirely new casting, while a replacement body was fitted.

Subsequently modified and improved, with numerous performance enhancements to almost every vital system, chassis “11032” was regularly campaigned throughout the 1990s in Vintage Sports-Car Club events by Bob Graves. The car is now offered directly from the Graves family, and is accompanied by a large selection of spare parts (list available to view in the history file).