Battersea Evolution
5 September 2018
Lot 106

Ferrari F40 Wireframe Sculpture by Benedict Radcliffe, 2018


£19,200 GBP | Sold

United Kingdom | London, United Kingdom



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  • July 2018
  • 10-mm mild steel
  • Powder coated in white primer, fluorescent yellow, then lacquer
  • This piece is unique
  • 450 × 220 cm
  • 1:1 scale

In any discussion of automotive icons, the Ferrari F40 is surely amongst the first cars mentioned by anyone under the age of 40. Celebrating the company’s 40th birthday, the F40 showcased the pinnacle of Ferrari’s performance capabilities at the time. At the cutting edge of performance, it handily put Lamborghini’s Countach and Porsche’s 959 in its rear-view mirror, claiming title of the fastest production car. With Enzo’s passing shortly after its unveiling, the F40 is also the last Ferrari to receive the blessing of il Commendatore. It brought about the end of an era for one of the most storied marques in automotive history, but also cemented the foundation for the current line-up of incredible Ferrari supercars.

This incredibly life-sized representation of Ferrari’s fabled F40 must be seen to be believed. Artist Benedict Radcliffe has taken the intricate and complex design of the F40 and distilled it down to its essential components, creating and extreme rationalisation of the subject. The clean lines produce an impression of fluidity and continuousness, while the tone, quality and fluorescence of the paintwork move the sculpture from a functional representation to an edgy and sophisticated work of pop art.

It has been industrially powder coated in three coats – white primer/yellow/lacquer – and can be displayed inside or outside in the elements if desired. This incredible and vibrant piece was completely hand-made by Radcliffe in his London studio and completed in July of this year. Built to scale, this work is unique.

‘Radcliffe’s extraordinary wireframe car sculptures captivate and confound art collectors and car lovers alike. He transforms plain old mild steel rods into three-dimensional, four-wheeled pieces of ethereal art – fluorescent sculptures that widen your eyes and baffle your brain. Instantly recognisable cars are distilled into minimalist, full-scale wireframes; more air than there.’

–Richard Webber, Autocar Magazine