Lot 138

1990 Porsche RUF 'CTR' Carrera 4


$346,000 USD | Sold

United States | Amelia Island, Florida



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  • Originally built for the Beddor brothers
  • One of only two four-wheel-drive CTRs on the 964 platform
  • 1st place at 1992 and 1995 Virginia City hill climbs, 1994 One Lap of America
  • Track record at the Brainerd International Raceway in 1994
  • An exceptionally rare four-wheel-drive “Yellow Bird”

The name Alois Ruf is synonymous with unique, highly tuned Porsches—the kind that make even non-Porsche lovers stop and stare. Started in 1939, it was the RUF CTR that blew the Pfaffenhausen-based company’s profile worldwide in 1987. Nicknamed “Yellow Bird,” the CTR stunned the motoring press when it hit a shocking 211 mph just weeks after the F40 had been the first car to reach the magic 200.

To beat a powerhouse like Ferrari, RUF bored out the standard 3.2-liter flat-six to 3,366 cc, fitted a fuel-injection system developed for the 962 racers, and finished it off with a set of turbochargers and twin intercoolers. RUF’s own five-speed gearbox completed the package. The result: An instant legend.

For brothers Steve and David Beddor, the CTR was an excellent start, but they sought something more tailored to their needs: a car capable of rallies across America and hill climbs through the deserts and mountains of the southwest. They ordered two Porsche 964 Carrera 4s, including chassis number 451416, which were shipped to RUF for upgrading. The history file details modifications to the tune of $285,000, including the fitting of a 550- horsepower, 3,600-cc RUF engine and six-speed manual transmission. The body was constructed of lightweight Kevlar panels with RUF flares and finished in Polar White. Most importantly, the car featured all-wheel drive—one of only two 964 CTRs so equipped.

Offered here is that very car. Registered in their father’s name, the Beddor brothers and their mother Marilyn rallied their RUF CTR C4 extensively and very successfully. Their twin RUFs, one black and one white, were a common sight at American events; notable results include a 1st-place finish at the 1994 One Lap of America and 3rd at Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 1995. Between both CTRs, the Beddor brothers won seven out of nine events in the 1994/1995 season.

Retaining the car until 2001, they then sold it to Steven Dix of Arizona. Sold once more to New Jersey, invoices show that the CTR C4 had been stored for some years. A 2011 service, costing $6,400 USD, was performed prior to export to the UAE in 2014. Acquired by the consignor in 2018, it has been fitted with a beautiful pair of Recaro sport seats trimmed in carbon vinyl with Alcantara inserts and lime green trim. In December of 2020, the consignor commissioned over $8,800 USD of servicing at C&C Repair of Monterey California, which included a complete clutch rebuild and an oil change.

To the uninitiated this car might just look like any other Porsche, but for those in the know, this all-wheel-drive RUF CTR C4 is an exceedingly rare bird indeed.