Lot 137

Amelia Island 2019

1992 Ferrari F40


$1,017,000 USD | Sold

United States | Amelia Island, Florida



Chassis No.
  • European-specification example
  • Upgraded suspension and brakes
  • Driven only 26,800 km (16,700 miles)
  • Formerly of the Duemila Ruote collection
  • Built in celebration of Ferrari’s 40th anniversary

The very first production car to break the 200-mph barrier, the F40 was a landmark car in Ferrari’s storied history for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it was created in celebration of the company’s 40th birthday and secondly, it would be the very last model that Enzo Ferrari personally oversaw before his passing. Looking to its Formula 1 team for inspiration, Ferrari sought to make the F40 as lightweight as possible, pioneering the use of carbon fiber for its chassis and bodywork, resulting in a svelte 2,400 lbs. In addition to its top speed of 201.4 mph, the F40 could sprint from 0–60 mph in just 3.8 seconds and rocket through the quarter-mile in 11.8 seconds. In the age of incredible advanced technologies, Ferrari stuck to the tried-and-true philosophy of reducing weight and adding power.

Originally outfitted with catalytic converters and a non-adjustable suspension, chassis 91464 was delivered new to Dr. Daniel Schick through Graber Automobile AG in Wichtrach, Switzerland, on 18 December 1991. Dr Schick resided in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but kept his F40 in Switzerland and Germany for his personal use and as well as the use of his son living in Germany at the time. It was later sold to a Mr. Goldschagg of Switzerland before passing to an owner in Munich, Germany, who registered the car on German plates M-WW 8833.

Like many F40 drivers, this new owner did not consider the factory braking system adequate for the power and speed of the F40. As such, he commissioned the installation of larger Brembo brakes, race-type front suspension, and a slightly revised pedal box. To accommodate the bigger brakes, the front wheels were further offset, and as such the outer corners of the front fenders were slightly modified – making for a more angular appearance. These alterations are not uncommon with European owners of F40s, as these upgrades made the car more stable at high speed and brought it to a halt in a shorter distance. The larger brakes also serve to eliminate fading under heavy use and extended driving periods.

The F40 returned to its native Italy around 2007 and received its 30,000-km service, with 26,761 km showing, by Michelotto Giuliano & Co s.n.c in Padova that year. A part of the now world-famous Duemila Ruote collection sale, the F40 received a pre-sale workup in excess of $10,000. Since its sale, the F40 has been carefully maintained in a private collection and is ready for spirited use by its next owner.

Four glorious decades of Ferrari experience and development went into the Ferrari F40; it will give the few lucky individuals a ride they will never forget. The finest birthday present Ferrari could have given itself, this F40 will fulfill any enthusiast’s need for speed.